Sunday, October 9, 2016

Weekend Wrap Up

I think I say this every Sunday night, but this is going to be a quick one. Momma is tired. First of all, last Thursday, we celebrated our 15 year anniversary and my 40th birthday. As any good parent would do, we celebrated by watching Miles' baseball game and then let him play with some of his friends for a while after the game.

Darrin surprised me with a Happy Anni-birth-ery banner when we got home. I was very surprised and impressed by his creativity and effort.

He also asked one of his players to make a cake. She is very creative, so I thought she designed it, but he came up with it by himself...with the help from Pinterest.

When I walked in the bathroom that night, I found one of the best gifts I've ever received, if not the best. It was all the reasons he loves me.

Three of my favorites were:

I'm always on him about spending time with me. Some would call it nagging. I remind him though that it's a good thing that I want to hang out with him. That's why I liked the last one so much.

Darrin had away games this weekend, so I packed the boys up and we went to visit my mom for the weekend. We used to go to her house a lot more often, but it seems like school and sports have changed that. And sometimes, we are so busy during the week that it's hard to be away from our house over the weekend. Carson was game day ready.

My niece bought these shirts for the boys before Carson was born. They were finally able to wear them this weekend.

Carson was so good while we were at my mom's house. He stayed on his schedule so well and just chilled most of the time. I don't know if he's better now b/c he's getting older or if it's b/c the new formula, but he is so much better now. I made a major mistake and left Carson's Rock & Play at my mom's house. Thank goodness she's coming up this week.  I borrowed one from a friend in the meantime. Hers doesn't vibrate like Carson's does, but it will definitely help.

My niece, Sarah, cut Miles hair on Saturday.

She didn't have to do much b/c he wants to be able to flip it to the side. I'm all for him trying new things. I like to see this confidence, which I haven't always been able to see in him.

Carson got plenty of attention this weekend, and Miles got his share too.

The weather was beautiful. We went for a walk and hung out on the swing for a while.

Carson was able to meet my Aunt Margie for the first time. She's special to me, so I'm glad she got to love on him.

We wrapped up the weekend with a bonfire with our small group. It's fall break for our schools, so most small groups didn't meet. Since we have missed a few nights after having Carson, we decided to just have everyone over to hang out.

It was a fun weekend, but I'm completely exhausted. Carson is going to daycare tomorrow for a half day, so that's weighing on my mind too. I start back to work on Wednesday. We are easing into daycare by sending him for a little while tomorrow. Miles' first day was traumatic and I'm just trying to avoid a repeat. I know he will be fine, but I will certainly miss him. Time to feed him and get some rest. Good night all & have a great week!

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