Monday, October 3, 2016

Weekend Wrap Up

I think this little guy gained a pound or two just this weekend. Seriously, he is getting so big.

We are still working on sleep training. He is so much better than he was, but not anywhere close to where Miles was at this point. Again, he was a preemie and that changes things. He doesn't have the unexplainable  crying spells anymore and his schedule is far more predictable than it was. I think that's enough progress until he starts daycare in a week and a half.

It's always nice to see him in a deep sleep when I look at the monitor.

When he refuses to sleep in his crib, he will often sleep in his rock & play. I've been talking with a friend about this option and she thinks it is perfectly fine and won't mess up his sleep patterns for life. She did it with hers and they are all good sleepers now. I would prefer to be strict about the crib, but he demands flexibility so I'll settle for adhering to the schedule first and then work on where he sleeps.

My mom spent the weekend with us. She and Miles painted pumpkins on Saturday. Miles has been waiting for her to come b/c this is just her thing.

Carson spent some time doing what he loves, kicking around on his activity mat.

It was parents' weekend at Union, so many of the volleyball families were in town for the two matches. What a supportive group of parents. The girls lost on Friday night after putting up a good fight. Saturday, they upset a ranked opponent. It was such a fun, yet very stressful, game to watch. So proud of hubby & his team.


Saturday night, Darrin went to bed at 8:30pm and I stayed up until almost midnight talking to my mom. We find ourselves doing that when she's in town. Sunday night, I went to bed at 9pm, so Darrin and I both had one night of really good, continuous sleep this weekend.

After church on Sunday, we all went to the ball park to work with Miles.

Darrin was completely exhausted from the busy work week and two games over the weekend. Sunday is his only day to rest, but it is also his only day to spend time with his boys. 

I'm so thankful that he recognizes how much they need him and chooses their needs over his own.

Carson was perfectly content to sleep in his car seat in the dug out while we played. And, he was safe from the occasional wild throw :)

Miles lost his first tooth this morning. He has been waiting for this day for so long. His friends started loosing their teeth 2 years ago. He just put his tooth until his pillow and went to bed. He said he doesn't believe in the tooth fairy and doesn't think anything will be under his pillow in the morning. I could tell that he was secretly very hopeful that the tooth fairy does exist. I guess we'll see!

This is my last full week with Carson before I go back to work next Wednesday. It is very bittersweet. I'm planning on some extra snuggles all week long. Have a great week, everyone!

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