Monday, September 26, 2016

Weekend Wrap Up

It was a big weekend for our family. A little background...Darrin's first season as a head coach was in 2008. That was before kids, so it was easy for me to travel to games and watch as many games as I wanted. That year, I traveled with the team to Chicago for a preseason tournament. The trip did not go well. Darrin was completely stressed and I was new to the coach's wife role and had no idea how to give space as needed. Since that year, I have not traveled with the team like that again. On rare occasion, I have ridden the bus if it was not an overnight trip. For overnight trips, I have driven my own car or ridden with someone, and I have always had my own hotel room. One trip, our rooms were even right beside each other. Usually we have hotel points so we aren't actually paying for a room, but in the case we didn't have points and we didn't want to spend the money, I just wouldn't go.

So, it was a big weekend because the whole family traveled to Darrin's games in Alabama and stayed in the room with him. I felt pretty confident that we are both much farther along in this coaching journey to be able to give it another try. Miles got to ride the charter bus for the first time.

He kept asking Darrin why the bus had to be so big. He has been on trips in the Bulldog bus, which is more like a church bus. Since they only travel with around 20 people, he just couldn't understand why it was such a big bus.

Carson and I rode with Darrin's parents. They are very easy to travel with and I thought that would be more flexible for Carson. This was Carson's first volleyball game and his first overnight trip.

The timing of his feedings and nap times could not have worked out better. He only got restless the last hour of the trip and that's understandable after being in his seat for so long. 

Darrin arranged with the head coach of University of North Alabama for Miles to see the lion habitat, which is their mascot. What a fun experience for him.

On Friday night, Darrin's mom was nice enough to stay in the hotel with Carson. She wanted to rest and it was much better for Carson to relax there rather than to be completely overstimulated at the game.

Miles was a little bit of a handful at the game. It amazes me how he can be so laid back and easy going for Darrin, but with me, he constantly needs something. He always wants to sit somewhere else, walk somewhere, or needs food, preferably junk from the concession stand. At Darrin's games, he gets to roam the gym. He can't understand why he can't do the same at away games.

He ended up standing on the second level with a player's dad and was quite happy about that. A player's mom gave him some gum tape that comes in the roll. Halfway through the game he dropped it out of the case and it rolled under the bleachers. He teared up and started begging me to get it. I finally said, "Miles even if I got it you couldn't chew it b/c it's been on the ground. He argued and said, "It dropped on the ground up here and I ate it???" 7 year old logic.

On Saturday, two of Darrin's former players, Britney and Christen, came to watch his game. His assistant coach, Jenna, also played for him. These three were all in the same class and played together for four years. Their senior year was Darrin's most successful season. These girls are very special to us.

It's so fun to see former players as they grown up, get married, have kids, and become such great adults.

The games could have gone better, but overall the weekend was fun for all of us. Miles had such a good time. I know he made memories that will last forever. It's much harder for me to travel now that we have kids and Miles is in school. He was out of school on Friday, so this worked out, especially since I am on maternity leave. I won't be traveling a lot, but I do think it's safe to stay in Darrin's room from now on. I'm not sure I'm ready to ride the bus, eat meals together, and stay in his room, but at least we are making baby steps :)

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