Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The Start of Preseason & My Recovery

Preseason started today. We are very excited to see what is in store for this group of girls. Recruiting takes so much time and effort. It's always rewarding and exciting for Darrin to begin another season.

I love volleyball season too, but preseason this year is causing me some angst. It's stressful to know that my biggest helper will be somewhat unavailable for the next several weeks. He does his best to be home when he can. After nine seasons of being a head coach and a head coach's wife, we've learned the routine and know what each part of the year entails. Preseason is my least favorite, but at least I know what to expect and Darrin knows how to help ease the pain when he can. With all that said, we are ready to see these girls in action!

I mentioned here that Darrin does the 5:30am feeding b/c it would be torture for me. Well, he had to leave the house at 5am this morning, so this is what torture looks like. Miles decided it would be fun to wake up extra early and take pictures of me.

At least one kid can make breakfast for himself.

I had a follow up appointment with my OB today to check on my blood pressure and some other lingering issues. Since Darrin was tied up all day, a sweet friend from my small group, Misty, was nice enough to come watch Carson. Another friend brought Miles home from school. Considering we've only lived here a year, it's amazing to me how helpful our new friends and community have been to us since Carson was born.   

My blood pressure is still up a little. It's not in the scary range, but I've been having some headaches and loss of appetite, so he upped my blood pressure meds again to see if that helps. I will be six weeks postpartum next week, which is typically when you get released. He's going to keep me off work a little longer. I go back in two weeks to check on the blood pressure again and evaluate the fibroid tumor to see if we need to do anything with it right now. There's a chance it could shrink of its own, so that's going to be my prayer. I'm feeling much less emotional now that Carson is home. I tried three different antidepressants, but they all made me feel terrible, so I'm just dealing without it. I did end up getting two more progesterone shots after my doctor convinced me that it shouldn't have hurt as bad as I said. He thinks the nurse hit my sciatica nerve the first time. A different nurse gave me the next two and they were much better. My Lyme issues have subsided considerably. Overall, I'm feeling much better.

I am loving my days (and nights) with Carson. Regardless of when the doctor releases me, I'm going to stay home 12 weeks. That puts me going back to work the first week of October. I'm soaking up every moment I have with him.

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