Monday, July 4, 2016

Weekend Wrap Up

My weekend started early b/c I took off work on Friday. I've been so busy saving my vacation days for maternity leave that I didn't realize I was actually maxed out and losing some. Bummer! Friday, I spent running errands like grocery shopping, getting a massage, and buying some new glasses. My glasses were lost in the move. I hardly ever wear them, but with the upcoming c-section, I need some so I can see my little baby boy.  With Miles, the c-section came on fast and we couldn't find my glasses in my bag. I ended up taking out my contacts and not being able to see anything. It was 1am after hours of labor, so at that point it was the least of my worries, but this time I hope to be more prepared.

Darrin took Miles to get cast #3 in 4 weeks. Cast #2 was falling apart and the stuffing was coming out. There was no way it was going to last 2 more weeks.  They were going to repair it but after seeing it they decided it was beyond repair.  9 more days until we go for a re-check.  Here's hoping he's all healed and done with the cast so he can enjoy the 2.5 weeks he will have left of summer at that point.

Friday night was spent with a low key night at home to wrap up the week.

Saturday morning, we hit the ground running with to do lists. 

I limited myself to a few small projects inside, while the guys worked outside.  Darrin figured out how to hook the gorilla cart up to Miles' 4-wheeler so they could haul limbs at the same time. It was both efficient and the cutest thing I've ever seen.

Miles loves to help as long as he has a job. He doesn't want to hang around outside or simply follow Darrin around. If he knows he's serving a purpose, he is all in, all day. It makes me very happy to see him develop work ethic and competency.  

Saturday night, we went to the Jackson Generals baseball game. The weather was perfect when the game started at 6pm. There was even a cool breeze b/c some clouds had rolled in. 

Our preacher spotted Miles and took him to get a signed baseball card. I'm not sure why Miles has this disgusted look on his face. He was quite pleased with his card. As I said on here before, we are so thankful to have friends in Medina now. It's so nice to see people we know at events like this.

Miles loved the game. By the end of the night, he was calling the players by their first names and knew a lot of their positions.

The game was an exciting, but LONG one.  It went 12 innings, but we finished with a win.

By the end of the game, I was a swollen mess.  I probably looked miserable to anyone that saw me, but I really did have a good time.  My feet really hurt walking to the car, but other than that, it was all tolerable.  I just can't make myself stay home and miss out on family time with Darrin & Miles.

After the game, there were fireworks for 4th of July.  Thankfully they started them very quickly after the game ended.  They didn't last long, but I thought they were very pretty.

Miles watched the entire show like this. We tried to convince him that they weren't that loud, but he's always been sensitive to noise.  The only thing he likes loud is his music :)  They let the kids run the bases after the game but he said he was too tired and just wanted to go home. He even slept in his clothes b/c he couldn't bring himself to change into pjs.

Yesterday, we went to church and then the guys hung out at home while I went to lunch and then shopping with two friends from college, Stephanie & Susan.  Stephanie lives a mile from me, but Susan was in town from Nashville. We went to the Pottery Barn and William Sonoma outlets in Memphis. It takes a little over an hour to get there.  You never know what you'll find.  We each bought one measly little thing from Williams Sonoma, but it was a fun little trip together. No pictures to show for it....I don't know how that happens so often.

Darrin was going to take Miles to see Big Friendly Giant last night, but Miles finally declared that he was too tired. We settled for watching ET at home. I think everyone was happy with that decision.  Miles sits with Darrin in his recliner 90% of the time, but I did manager to steal a little time last night.

Excellent weekend is not over!  I have today off for the 4th of July and I took another vacation day tomorrow.  This time off is doing much good at 33 weeks pregnant.  Planning for a good balance of rest and a little productivity over the next couple of days.  Hope everyone enjoys the long holiday weekend!

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