Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Girls Night Out Baby Shower

A group of my best friends from Martin threw me a baby shower last week.  When asked, I specifically told Shannon, the hostess, that I would love a laid back night to just hang out with them.  They couldn't have planned anything better.  They had someone come in to do a painting party, we ate, opened gifts, and talked for hours.  It was perfect.

First, we got started painting. We were able to pick any theme we wanted from a large selection. 

That made it a lot of fun b/c everyone could pick something they liked. 

Carrie even drove in from Nashville. She moved away from Martin the same time we did, so it was great to have everyone back together again.

I think we painted a few strokes and then talked for 10 minutes....repeat...

The lady that conducted the painting party is also from Martin.  She is a friend/acquaintance of all of us, so she seemed okay with us taking a sweet forever to finish our paintings.

Here is my finished painting.  I love how it turned out.  It has found a perfect place at my home. More to come on that soon including little project we tackled over the weekend.

Everyone did a great job.  I loved seeing all the different paintings instead of everyone doing the same thing.

We ate and painted, ate and painted....until we were finally finished with both.  I didn't get a picture of the food before we dug in, but it was all delicious.

They even got fruit tea from my favorite restaurant in Martin.

Next, it was time to open gifts.  These girls sure spoiled me. 

They bought the perfect combination of fun and practical. 

I couldn't wait to go through everything when I got home. I didn't make it home until close to midnight and I seriously considered hauling everything in myself and going through it right then b/c I was wired from the fun & the fruit tea, but I decided to wait until the morning.  This is all from five friends.  They are too good to me.

I can't say enough how much the night meant to me. There's not much I'd rather do than hang out with these girls.  Our conversations go from serious to hilarious to informative to TMI :)  Life is busy and there's not always time, but any night with them is a good night.  I appreciate them helping us get ready for Carson.

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