Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Less Words Wednesday

My friend, Gabbi, drove me to the hospital yesterday afternoon to spend some time with Carson. When you hold skin to skin they like for the minimum to be 1 hour. It can be tricky to schedule visits when Darrin & I need to stay an hour, but Miles can only stay 5-10 minutes. I'm about to be off of the pain meds, which means I can drive again. That will make things easier.

I gave Carson a bottle and held him for an hour an a half before Darrin brought Miles for a visit.  Miles was so thrilled to see him. He's heard us talk about firm touches, which is what preemies like, so he jumped right in and did everything exactly as he should.  Preemies don't like to be rubbed or patted b/c it's too much stimulation. They also don't like noise, light, or a lot of movement. They are used to being very contained in the womb and for their age, that's where they are still supposed to be. 

The nurse asked if Miles wanted to hold him. We had a little debacle the second day b/c a nurse offered to let him hold Carson, which they aren't supposed to do. Just as he was about to, someone walked by and stopped it. Miles was devastated. 

So when this nurse offered, he shook his head no. I think he felt like he was the one that got in trouble the first time. Carson is in an area now called the cave. It's called that b/c it doesn't have any windows and it's in a more secluded part of the NICU. I told Miles that we would just do it for a second and it would be okay.  Less people were likely to see.  He's been waiting for this moment.  He loved seeing Carson's eyes.

The look on his face was priceless.

He already loves him so deeply.

I took a million pictures b/c it was a moment the three of us will remember forever. My absolute favorite...

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