Sunday, May 15, 2016

Weekend Wrap Up

The plan for the weekend was to stay home and rest.  I'm proud to say we accomplished that.  I love being home, so that part wasn't hard.  The resting part....not so much.  I had a really busy week at work last week and by Thursday night, I could hardly walk to bed b/c my stomach was so tight.  Friday night, Darrin & Miles worked out in the yard until almost 8pm.  The plan was to grocery shop, but my contractions were in full effect so that didn't happen.  I sat on the couch for most of the night.

Saturday morning we went to a local restaurant for pancakes and then went grocery shopping.  It had to happen b/c we had nothing to eat at home.  That was pretty much the only productive thing that happened all weekend, except for several loads of laundry.  Saturday, they guys worked in the yard again and managed to throw the baseball every now and then, which is Miles' latest obsession.  I can't decide if he really loves baseball that much or if he just enjoys the time with Darrin.  Probably a little of both.

Saturday night, we grilled hot dogs for dinner and ate smores.

It was a little chilly, but a good way to mix entertainment with rest.


Warming his belly by the fire...

This morning, we went to church.  So thankful to be part of a satellite church start up that packs the house every Sunday. God is doing big things through our church and we are happy He lead us there.

Miles is learning so much too.  I'm impressed with the way the children's leaders teach truths and not just Bible stories.  He soaks it all up.  This morning they learned about Samson.  

After church, it was nap time.  They are actually fake sleeping in this picture b/c that's what they like to do, but Darrin & I slept for several hours.  I'm not sure what the self sufficient six year old did during that time, but it wasn't nap. I think he enjoyed some rare, unlimited TV time in his room.

We had a great time with our small group tonight and now it's time to enjoy the last hour or so of our weekend.  It's been the restful weekend I needed.  I see many more in the weeks to come, especially as the countdown to baby gets closer. 

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