Friday, May 13, 2016

Kindergarten Graduation

Miles had Kindergarten graduation on Monday.  It was a yucky day outside, so we took some pictures inside before it was time to leave.  They did the graduation in 2 groups since there are 9 Kindergarten classes.  We were lucky enough to go first, which was first thing in the morning.

The grandparents spent the night after our Mother's Day party, so they all got to attend.

Our boy sure has grown up this year. He has impressed up with how responsible he has been and how well he has learned to read. He has breezed his way through the academics and did pretty dang well with his behavior too! 

The kids each walked through this decoration when their name was called.  Miles looked slightly terrified. He doesn't really like to be in front of crowds, but I have to say, that he always pushes through the fear.

Miles with the principal and his teacher, Ms. Penney.  He and Ms. Penney got off to a slow start. Not that anything was wrong, but it took a while to bond.  I think it took Miles almost the first half of the year to really start showing his personality. It was a much harder transition from Martin to Medina and daycare to Kindergarten than I ever imagined it would be. The first half of the year he would say that she was kind of nice, now he likes her and really misses her when she's not there.  

After all the kids received their certificates, they sang two songs.

I never dreamed that Kindergarten graduation would be emotional for me, but the second song got me.  Some of the words were "The future's looking good to me...I'm ready as I can be...I'm ready to go...I did my best...I made it I'm ready, I'm ready to go!"  Then, at the end they shouted "First grade!" and that really did me in.  I'm not ready to go!  Maybe it's the pregnancy hormones b/c I'm literally tearing up as I type this.  I looked around and no one else was crying so held back the best I could and only let a few tears fall :)

Miles is standing next to Adalyn, who he says is his girlfriend.  She's in the orange dress.  This is a new development. He told me that he's almost told the whole class now. I guess that's how you stake your claim in Kindergarten. I asked who decided this and he said he did.  I also asked if she was okay with it and he said yes.

It's been a good year in Ms. Penney's class.  He made some good friends, Tyler, Gaige, Owen, and Saban are the friends that he talks about the most.

I can't think of another year of my life that has gone by faster than this school year.  If they all go by this fast, I see how you blink and they are graduating high school.  It's been fun though.  We really have enjoyed every stage with Miles, and Kindergarten has been no different.  For so many years, I thought Miles would be our only child.  It always made me sad to think that we would only get to experience milestones one time.  This is the first one that I can say we get to do it again!  Congrats to our little Kindergarten graduate! We sure do love you.

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