Sunday, May 8, 2016

Weekend Wrap Up

Friday night started with a baseball game.  Miles wanted to try a different position, so we encouraged him to talk to the coach, but then instructed him to be okay with whatever decision was made.  He started at 3rd base but then played 1st base, pitcher...

...and catcher...


Rowdy supporters on a cold night...

He played against his buddy, Bryson.  

Saturday, we worked and played around the house.

Carson's nursery is finished!  More on that in another post. It was a beautiful day to enjoy being outside.

Later that night, I went to Martin to celebrate Rachel's birthday.  We got wild and crazy with dinner and a movie.

A few minutes after I sat down in the movies, Darrin's parents came in and sat right behind me!  It was such a surprise to see them there.  Good thing I was behaving :)

While I was at the movies, Darrin, Miles, and my mom roasted hot dogs & marshmallows.

We had a great Mother's Day morning at church and then came home to get ready for company. 

Darrin's mom, dad, sister and her family all came over to hang out and eat dinner.

We've hosted Mother's Day for the last several years. It's harder since we've moved b/c we are two hours away from Crystal, Steve, and the girls. 

We were very thankful that they were able to make the drive and hang out with us for the afternoon.

Miles was so excited to have his cousins over.

They played outside all day.  Tired kids tonight, I'm sure.




A very Happy Mother's Day to my mom...

...and to my mother-in-law...

They are both extremely present in our lives and we thank them so much for all they have done and continue to do.  Being a mom to this little guy is such a joy.

A family selfie to wrap up our weekend.  It's been a good one.  Tomorrow continues to be busy with kindergarten graduation (I know!) and another baseball game.  Happy Mother's Day!

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