Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Circus & the Never Ending Virus

Last Tuesday, Miles & I were invited to go to the circus with some friends from his class. I declined b/c I was going to be out of town for work. They asked if Miles could go with them, so we made plans for him to go home from school with his friend, Gaige, and to the circus that night. Truth be told, I think Miles was more excited about being a car rider with Gaige. He was going around the house saying both of their full names as if they were calling them for car rider line. Super cute.

Gaige's mom, Leslie, sent me a few pics during the night. I sent money with Leslie and told her that he could buy junk food and an overpriced circus toy.

He ended up with popcorn, cotton candy, a snow cone, and a light up sword. Perfection in his world.

On the way home, Leslie text Darrin to say that she thought Miles had pink eye. They noticed it at the very end of the night and she said he was complaining about it.

Darrin took him to a walk in clinic the next day and got some drops for pink eye.

Then, a fever hit on Thursday. When Miles runs a fever it's typically always low grade and nagging.  During this little bout, his fevers have been between 102-103+. That is very high for him. He has been so pitiful.

On Friday, I took him to our eye doctor b/c the antibiotics drops that the walk in clinic gave us were not helping at all.

Our eye doctor confirmed pink eye and gave him some steroid drops instead. He said that it's viral, so the antibiotic drops weren't doing anything anyway.

On Saturday, after sleeping 11 hours, he woke up like a new kid! As soon as his eyes opened, he said, "I feel so good!" He said it at least five times. He was so happy to feel better.

He was literally bouncing off the walls.  He played outside all day and enjoyed the beautiful weather. 

His Granny & Pa came to see him and brought him a huge balloon.  He loves it and has commented so many times what a great present it was.

Unfortunately, feeling good was short lived.  He started running a fever late yesterday afternoon.  In the night, it was 102.3 and he was complaining about his throat.  I decided to take him to the walk in clinic again since they were the only ones open on a Sunday.  This is how pitiful he was while I was getting ready.

The clinic did a flu and strep test, which were both negative.  So, we are left to wait out this never ending virus. He was so good for both of the tests. A sign that he's growing up. We sure have experienced our share of drama at the doctor's office. As we were leaving, the nurse offered him a lollipop and he said, "No thank you."  A true measure of how terrible he was feeling.

I just put him to bed with a 102.9 fever. We never do this for sickness, but he's sleeping with me tonight.  Darrin has been kicked out.  I don't usually freak about sickness and instead just enjoy a slower pace and some snuggles, but this has gone on for long enough and I don't like this one bit.  I have to go out of town tomorrow through Wednesday night.  Thankfully Darrin's parents are coming down tomorrow morning to stay with Miles so Darrin can go to work. We both already missed several days last week.  Praying this stubborn virus goes away soon.

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