Sunday, December 13, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up

Darrin & I went Christmas shopping in Memphis on Friday night and all the presents we bought were for us!  We each had a little money to buy whatever we wanted.  We've never been big present people and surprises aren't necessary, so this was really fun. After several hours of shopping, we hit up Chickfila before driving home. Keepin' it classy.  Big thanks to Darrin's parents for spending the night at our house with Miles.  Side note...I'll never learn where to look in a selfie. Meanwhile, Darrin is spot on.

Saturday we had a church function from 1-5pm and then came home and crashed. This morning, we attended Sunday School for the first time.  It was really nice to meet people and not just walk in and out of church with zero interaction like we have been doing for months. Sunday School is where friendships happen. Miles was super pumped b/c he got to go on stage during kids church and play one of the games. He's been waiting for his turn!  This kid loves to check himself in every Sunday morning.

We had a very important party to attend this afternoon. Bane turned one!!  I love his face in this one...."CAKE!"


After the party, we dropped in on one of our favorite people, Ms. Debra!!! She was Miles' teacher at daycare for many years and they have a special bond.

It was her birthday, so we brought her some ice cream. She was so surprised and his heart was happy.

Unfortunately, the weekend was not all good.  I learned yesterday that one of my coworkers died suddenly from an apparent heart attack. Our work family is brokenhearted. He was a friend to all of us. Tomorrow is going to be a hard day at work.  I'm thankful to work with friends that plan to get to work early to start our day off with prayer before we open our doors. That is surely what will get us through the day.

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