Sunday, August 2, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up - Part I

We had such a big weekend that I can't fit it all in one post and do everything justice.  Friday, Miles had his swim show wrap up after two weeks of swimming lessons at daycare.  Then, it was time to say goodbye to daycare.  The kids walk from the center to swim lessons everyday.  Miles lead the pack in a dead sprint.

Before they started the lesson, I had time to take a few pictures with his friends.  These friends have been together since they were infants.  Miles & Neeley...

Miles and Alex Pitz...

 Miles and Alex Belew...

Miles and Avery...

Miles hasn't been with the twins, Hannah Kate & Anna Marie, as long, but he sure has grown fond of them...

We were very impressed during the swim show.  Miles was actually doing proper strokes and swimming to the bottom and back up like a pro.

Miles and Alex Pitz (the kids always use first & last names when talking about either Alex) have always been close.

This was Miles attempt at a dive.

Nailed it.

He wouldn't jump off the diving board last year. This year, he couldn't get enough.

One quick picture with Cruz after the swim show since we didn't manage one before...

....and then it was time to say our goodbyes.  The hardest goodbye for all of us was Ms. Debra. I could cry now thinking about it. She was his teacher in Room 2 for a year, and then again in Room 4 for almost three years.

She is patient and loving with Miles and treats him a lot like we do at home. All three of us clicked with her and we will miss her dearly. She put up with my texts about this & that for years. She helped us through the good & bad phases. We love Ms. Debra and she loves Miles. We are so thankful for the time we've had with her. 

We planned a fun weekend at my mom's house to help celebrate the end of daycare....AKA, distract Miles from the sadness (and me). We threw around a couple of ideas and landed on a school shopping and playing at Dave and Busters on Saturday.  A weekend at Marmee's is good enough in Miles' eyes, but Dave & Busters was just icing on the cake.  Games and arcades are the way to Miles' heart.

Our fun weekend plans got even better when my brother, Jeff, and niece, Anna, made last minute plans to fly Jeff's plane in town for the weekend.  We met them at the airport on Friday night. Uncle Jeff and Anna had to show Miles how to do the "cool pilot" pose.

We hung around and talked for a while and made flying plans for the next day. 

Darrin has flown with Jeff before but I never have. Miles first reaction was "No!", but he quickly came around to the idea.   Miles really wanted Darrin to fly with he and Jeff, but settled with me b/c that meant that he would get to sit in the front seat. Darrin would never have been able to fit in the back seat. Meanwhile, I was quite comfortable. The next morning, Miles ran to the plane. He was totally over his fear and ready to go.

Dave helped clean the plane before it was time to go...

Miles was Jeff's shadow.  He really had no room to work b/c Miles was under his feet the whole time.

Jeff was completely thorough with his pre-flight preparations and then it was time to taxi down the runway.

We left the door open while we taxied to let air in until the very last minute b/c it gets a little warm this time of year. The door was on Miles' side so he had to hold it open a little.  He asked three times, "can I shut the door now?" I think he was scared that Uncle Jeff was going to forget and take off with the door open :)

He was practically in Jeff's lap the whole time the door was open.

Up in the air and loving it...

As soon as we were up, Miles took over. It turned my stomach a little when Miles took over. Partially b/c he immediately started going up and also b/c it was freaky knowing my five year old was in control of the plane. Jeff proving that Miles is flying by himself... 

We flew over my mom's house. She and Anna waved, but we weren't able to see them. Jeff rocked the plane back and forth to wave our wings at them.

Miles flew some more on the way back to the airport. He actually did a really good job the second time.

Time to land. You can see the runway ahead.  It was such a smooth flight. Often times when I fly I think to myself that I wish Jeff was the pilot b/c I know there is no one more competent.

Miles loved it so much. It was such an amazing experience for him. Who knows what this might ignite in him. 

Admittedly, I was a little nervous to fly and only did it for Miles. I ended up having a great time & am so thankful that I was able to see the joy on Miles' face.

I'll be back tomorrow with Part II of our great weekend.  Good night all!

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