Thursday, May 14, 2015

Dirty Socks & Toy Day

I got an email from Darrin soon after I got to work this morning telling me that we really needed to do laundry b/c Miles didn't have any socks. This actually means that Miles didn't have any white socks, Miles didn't know what else to wear, and Daddy took his word for it without checking to see if there were other options.  The solution was to go to to Walmart and buy new socks b/c he wore dirty socks yesterday and even Darrin thought dirty socks two days in a row was appalling.  Note to self: get more involved in the morning routine of getting Miles ready.  The second party foul occurred when Darrin bought him Minion socks.  I'm a plain white or colored Nike socks only kind of mom. I'm not into crazy socks, with the exception of dress socks.  I will say, they were cute and Miles thinks they are great, so there.

How to cure yourself of your favorite food obsession rut? Eat double the portion after already eating it for days on end.  Bye bye wraps.

The summer before kids start kindergarten they get moved to a different room at daycare to help get them ready. I'm not sure if it's more about preparing them or staffing issues, but Miles feels so big in his new room.  Every day is toy day, as opposed to just Mondays, and they get to bring three toys instead of just one.  He's also excited about Coke day when they get to bring $.50 to buy a Coke and watch a movie. He never gets to drink Cokes, so he thinks this is such a big deal. I mentioned that I would prefer that he drink Sprite and he said he would check and see if they have that. ha ha

His three toys today were a Captain America figure that he got at AWANA last night...

...a stuffed monkey for nap time...

...and a big, noise making Ogre.  The teacher informed me that starting next week, all three toys had to fit in their backpacks or they wouldn't be able to play with them. I thought this rule was instituted b/c of the Ogre, but Miles insisted that it fits in his backpack, and Darrin later confirmed that with the same conviction as Miles.

When I picked Miles up, I asked him to tell me about his room since the kids were all playing outside. He said, "Let me show you around" and he did. I got the grand tour all the way from the math area to the cozy corner. I especially loved the two Lite Brites!

Another perk of this room is the kids that started kindergarten last fall come in after they get out of school in the afternoons.  Miles is so happy to be reunited with all his friends...Alex Pitz, Neely, Amelia, Ethan, and Avery to name a few.

Tonight, the packing began.  The dining room is completely packed and all the pictures from the entire house are off the walls and packed.  I'm making myself work on it a little at a time b/c moving day will be here before we know it.  Seeing how long it took me to pack up the dining room, and how many boxes it took, was a little overwhelming. 

And now it's 9:28pm and I haven't stopped for a second all day.  It's going to be a long couple of weeks. Thankfully, even though it stresses me out a bit, we have a week in Mexico coming up before the move. I feel certain I'll find a way to relax in the sun and sand. YES!!!!!!!!

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