Thursday, March 19, 2015

Three Thoughts & Some Stuff I Like

We went to look at the for sale by owner house last night in Medina.  Half way through the tour Miles busted out with "this house is legit".  This kid cannot be five.  We walked away from the house feeling like it was the one and then today I've been filled with all kinds of doubt.  Thankfully there is no rush, so I'm just going to take a few deep breaths and keep walking through this process.  Darrin is good at talking me off the ledge.

I've had car fever so bad lately. When we were car shopping for Darrin we saw a few that I would like to have. We have committed to one car payment at a time, so this simply cannot happen. Darrin waited a sweet forever for his new ride, so I need to buckle up in the Highlander and enjoy the ride. #punintended  To make myself more content with my car, I had it detailed today and ordered new floor mats from Amazon that are actually made to fit a Highlander....instead of some from Walmart that curl on the edges and scoot all over the place b/c they don't fit.  I also took all the UTM hype off the car and added a new Union decal. I guess I'm good to go for the next 3-4 years :)

I signed up for Le Tote.  It's a clothing & accessory rental website with a monthly fee.  You can also buy the clothing if you like it.  I read about it on this blog, which is a new favorite.  You pick out some styles and enter your sizes.  Then, they pick out 2 accessories and 3 articles of clothing for you. They let you know when your 'Tote' is ready. You have 24 hours to swap some things out before they ship it to you. I swapped 4 out of 5 items, so clearly I am very open to their suggestions.  You get to keep the items as long as you want.  When you return them, they will send you more. It's kind of like Netflix when they used to come in the mail.  I don't really like shopping for clothes, so this sounded like a fun way to branch out and maybe find some items to buy.  I'll let you know how it goes.

Now on to some Stuff I Like.  It's just a short list today.

This Appliance Tray 

Darrin's Keurig (because I don't drink coffee) is under the cabinet. Every time he wanted to use it, he had to pull it out to raise the top.  I read about this appliance tray that slides in and out easily.  The size is perfect for a Keurig.  It's such a handy little gadget, and it was super cheap.  Highly recommend.

Married At First Sight 

The trailer for the first season of Married at First Sight popped up in my Facebook newsfeed a couple months ago.  It comes on the FYI network.  I'd never heard of it.  I watched the first episode and then binge watched the rest of the season in like two days.  I watched some episodes online and some on Amazon Prime.  The second season started this week, but I don't get the channel, so I'll have to wait.  It was very interesting to me.  I think I may have mentioned it on here before so if you are reading this for the second time, go watch it!

Chocolate Almond Milk

I'm not a huge chocolate milk fan, but this stuff is so good.  If you try to avoid a lot of dairy, give this a shot.  It still has sugar like regular chocolate milk, but it's good for a treat.  I also warm it up and drink it as hot chocolate.

And last, I love these recaps of the Bachelor finale (here & here). My favorite line from each..."it's clear that the interns had gone to Pinterest and typed in "fancy barn"......and....."Becca and Whitney had "last chance" dates where they did Powerpoint presentations as to why they were the best choice, and then Mark Cuban offered them money...wait nope that's "Shark Tank" weird that I got the two shows confused."

That's all for tonight. Let me know if you try/read any of the things I'm liking right now.

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