Sunday, February 1, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up

Well, we just missed one of the best Super Bowls in a long time...but, I'll get to that in a minute.

Darrin left on a recruiting trip on Friday.  I surprised Miles with some poster board when I picked him up at school.  We spent a fun Friday night at home coloring and painting posters for the Super Bowl, which is something Darrin started last year

I spent a lot of time drawing and coloring my Seahawk. When I was almost finished, Miles asked to help. {enter birds chirping} Decisions, decisions. In the end, I made a deal to draw a helmet for him to color. Whew...

After lots of coloring, we snuggled in my bed and watched an episode of Tree House Masters.

He was a little congested when he woke up on Saturday.  He did his first sinus rinse like a champ.  I couldn't believe it. It helped him so much and he's been fine ever since.

After a haircut for Miles, Cambry came over to play for several hours....

I wish I was the type that could just relax on the couch with a blanket and some TV, but 9 times out of 10, that's impossible for me.  While they played, I did a little pantry purge & organization.  

Miles sold several sets of Legos on Saturday to be able to buy some more.  He had quite a bit of money to spend, so we went to Walmart on Saturday night.  He looked and looked, and even carried around a large Ninja Turtle set for a while.  When we got half way to the register, he started having buyer's remorse and decided to put it back.

Instead, he bought a small set and decided to save the rest of his money until we could go to a different Walmart to get the Minecraft Legos that he really wanted.  He had this set together about 20 minutes after we got home...

I promised him that we would drive to the other Walmart today after church.  I didn't know it was going to be pouring down rain and cold.  I made good on my promise.  In the end, he decided on a set that I pointed out at the first Walmart on Saturday night.  Nonetheless, I was proud of him for being patient with his money.  He started on the Police Station Swamp as soon as we got home.  

And now, for one of the worst Super Bowl nights I can remember.  Our company was great.  We had our friends, Cliff & Shannon, and their boys Kohen & Brigham, over for dinner and the game.  Everything went fine during the first half & the half time show.  Miles & Kohen played very well together, so we actually got to watch the game.  Then, a few minutes into the second half, Brigham was the only one smiling...

The NBC affiliate in our area lost coverage.  Every provider in West TN was affected according to our trusty Facebook sources.  For the rest of the night, it was Facebook, Twitter, and Trivia Crack...

Cliff and Shannon went home and we listened to the last few minutes on Darrin's phone through a radio broadcast.  We ended up finding it online with a minute left and saw the unbelievable finish.  We clearly wanted the Seahawks to win, but when you're not a diehard fan, it's hard to be upset with a game like that.  As a friend says, the Super Bowl is Christmas for adults. Indeed.  It's highly disappointing that we missed it, but we still had fun with good company.  Now, I'm off to bed so I'm ready for the week ahead.  Good night, friends!

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