Sunday, January 18, 2015


Maybe I'll start blogging again??  Could this be the day that I get back to it?  We'll see.  During my blogging absence, I've gotten out of the habit of taking my camera everywhere.  I've been taking pics with my phone, but my email is messed up so it's been a mess getting them to my computer.  And thankfully, I've also had some of these...

Without pictures, blogging isn't fun.  Still, there are so many things I have to write about that I don't know where to start.  So, the plan is to just write a little each night until I feel like we are caught up and I've documented all the things I want to remember one day.  Here we go.

Yesterday we did a little DIY.  We installed some fireplace doors to try to keep the smoke smell out of the house during the summer.  It's not a problem in the winter, but it is during the summer. After two chimney sweeps and lots of research, we bought some fireplace doors on Amazon.  I was against the doors b/c I liked it the way it was and thought doors might date it.  So wrong.


The boys reading the directions... actually working...okay, so maybe I was the right choice for crawling into the fireplace...

After...We LOVE them!  You know how things never turn out like you expect? This is one project that did. We installed it in an hour, had zero arguments during the process (I think I'll write that on the review), and it actually looks better than we thought. We had a fire last night and it looked even prettier in our new doors.  I'm on a mission now to decorate the mantle. 

We had some of our very best friends, Rachel & Travis, over last night.  After years of waiting, they welcomed their precious baby last month. As we were waiting for them to arrive, I told Darrin that I can't believe they were coming to our house with a baby & a diaper bag!  We had to get a pic as soon as they pulled up.  They know we are's all good.

Miles can't get enough of Bane....

We had a fun night with lots of good music, talks, food, games, and belly laughs.  We are blessed with great friends.  That's all for tonight. Will I be back tomorrow??  That is the question.  Good night!

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