Sunday, August 24, 2014

Party All Week Long

I feel like last week was a continual birthday party...which is fine by me.  I love birthdays.  On the morning of Miles' birthday, we woke him up with two presents before it was time to go to work & school. 

He has been wanting a Snackeez forever.  His dream finally came true.  I love how genuinely excited he is here...

He also got a light up Zombie Nerf Gun.  Every little boy's dream...

He gets to take treats to school on the day of his birthday.  He chose individual ice cream cups.  He was very specific about them being chocolate & vanilla, no birthday party swirl for him.  I kind of wanted to make something more fun for his birthday (like last year), but I fought the urge to create something else to do.

We picked him up early and came home to celebrate some more.  I remembered that last year he really liked pulling the sheet off of his four wheeler as a surprise, so we blindfolded him this year since we couldn't wrap his big present.

Darrin & our friend, Travis, installed his gift the night before at 9pm after Miles went to bed.

When he finally pulled his blindfold off, he didn't know what to think of the new fire pole on his tree house...

He was too scared to do by himself at first.  In his defense, it is pretty far away from the tree house.

After some coaching...

He finally did it...

He really liked it after he got the hang of it.  

The final treat was an individual serving of ice cream cake from Dairy Queen, b/c we don't need a whole ice cream cake around here.

Birthdays are a big deal around here and I think Miles' 5th birthday was definitely celebrated in a big way.  Happy 5th Birthday, Miles Cooper!!

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