Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Funnies & Frozen

Miles said so many funny things just today.  He keeps us laughing all the time.  These are the things I have to write down so we can tell him one day.

We were eating dinner & he was talking about how good the poppyseed chicken is at school.  He said, "If you ate it, boom.  You would go crazy."

Our neighbors have three kids. Miles loves to play with the two youngest, Savannah & Sammie.  He is constantly looking towards their house to see if they are outside.  He came inside this afternoon & I thought he said, "As I was walking Sally home, Nathan (their oldest neighbor kid) opened the door and told me that Savannah & Sammie were at church."  When we asked who Sally was, he said, "No.  As I was walking sadly home."  What four year old says that??  I guess the same child that also used the words fragile & shiver tonight. 

He yelled at me when he was getting out of the bathtub & said he really needed me.  I told him I would be up in a minute.  He told me he was bleeding, which usually amounts to nothing.  I was in no hurry & he said, "I REALLY need you."  As I got up to walk upstairs he yelled down, "I hope you will forgive me."  Turns out he was playing with my razor and cut his finger.  Thankfully it wasn't bad & hopefully a lesson was learned.

He's really been making us laugh lately telling us all the things we need to buy after watching commercials.  He says we really need Oxy Clean b/c it will "get every stain off".  Yesterday he told me if I have another baby that I need to buy Pampers b/c the baby will sleep all night.  He's obsessed with the Snackeez. He says, "Your snacks go in the bottom and the drink has a hood, so you never have to clean up spills again."  We also really need the Party Tub so I never have to say "Take a bath" again....."It's like a party in the bathtub."

And b/c I don't like to post without a picture, here are a few pics from a Frozen/PJ birthday party that Miles went to recently for his friends, Amelia & Colin.

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