Thursday, May 15, 2014

Our New Pets

Miles asks for a pet all the time.  He really wants a dog, but if he can't have a dog, he'll take anything from cats to fish.  It's.Not.Happening.  Darrin & I had two dogs, Bobo & Mack, for the first 11 years of our marriage.  They were sweet dogs & we loved them, but I just don't have time to care for anything other than Darrin, Miles, our house, my job, our get the point.  I understand that you should 'never say never', but y'all, it's never happening again. 

Miles made a birdhouse at Lowes several weeks ago and we finally hung it in the backyard.

You can see it perfectly from our breakfast table.  Miles loves to watch the birds.

One day last week, Miles & I were eating dinner, while Darrin was out of town, and a cardinal landed on his birdhouse.  The same cardinal had been coming back I seized the opportunity.  I told Miles that since he wants a pet so badly, he should name the bird & he could be his pet.  After a little convincing, he was on board.  Meet Mack (b/c every pet is Mack)... 

...and Cruz (which is also his friend's name)...

We also have a bird named Charlie, but he wasn't around for pictures.  Miles loves to fill up their bird house & "take care of them".  He even puts birdseed on the ground for them...

I don't think this contentment with his pets will last long, but he's good for now.  Best pets we've ever had.

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