Thursday, February 13, 2014

Mohawk's been established that Miles despises haircuts.  He's scared of them, he doesn't like the cape, he won't sit by himself, he hates the hair falling on him, and the clippers are 100% out of the question.  All that, until today.  Last week, he had a chunk of hair sticking out on the side of his head that he did not like at all.  I explained that if he would let Ms. Krissy use the clippers, he wouldn't have that.  That conversation lead to him letting me trim the side of his hair with Darrin's electric razor...and then the back of his neck.  He immediately gave me the biggest hug and said, "You were right, it doesn't hurt."  He was so happy to have conquered his fear of the clippers.

A few days later, he announced that he wanted a mohawk...and has since confirmed this multiple times.  I was actually thrilled that my shy, reserved child wanted to try something different.  I thought it would be a great lesson for him to try something new and learn that it wouldn't kill him.  I pinned several pictures on Pinterest and this is what he chose.  Today was hair cut day.  He went to sleep excited and woke up just the same.  I wondered all day at work if he would go through with it.

He walked in confidently and gave the printed picture of what he wanted to Ms. Krissy.  Then, he climbed up in the chair to get started.  Before...

He sat by himself in the chair and let her cut it.  No whining or tears.  He wouldn't allow the cape, but that's no big deal. He was actually sitting with his hands folded.  I've seriously waited for this day.


The faux hawk is coming didn't think I would allow a true mohawk, did you??

He is so proud of his new cut.  We went straight to Darrin's practice to show him.  I usually have to drag him into the gym b/c he's so shy around the girls, but he ran in today.  We might have to wake up 15 minutes early in the mornings to fix it, but it is so worth it to see his confidence grow a little.

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