Sunday, January 12, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

It's been a good weekend around here.  Friday night, I needed to do some shopping in Paducah, so I asked a couple friends if they wanted to go, b/c shopping is so much more fun with friends.  Christa was able to go. 

It's unusual that our schedules worked out b/c her husband is a coach too & they have two little kiddos.  We had so much fun and it was good to have a night out.  I bought a few things, but nothing off my list.  Isn't that how it works...when you have a list and some money, you don't find anything??  We drove all the way home in the pouring rain and didn't get home until after midnight.  We were both exhausted.

Saturday was chore day around the house.  The weather was warmer and we needed to play a little catch up from the holidays and frigid temps.  The boys cut a lot of firewood...

...and I did a ton of laundry.  It's strange, but I love Saturdays like this, where we just work around the house.  I like for all three of us to be home and I really like being productive.

Oh, and this happened...

Darrin had on jeans and got hot, so he changed to shorts, but left on this tall khaki socks with his shorts & tennis shoes.  I told him that he should be starring in the Dad Life video.  Please tell me you've seen it.  If not, do yourself a favor and watch it now. This blog can wait. My favorite parts are the splash pad & when he throws his back out dancing at the end. Identifiable to say the least.

Even though Darrin was comfortable in shorts, Miles was dressed for Alaska.

After the chores were finished, we watched football for the rest of the day & night.  Last year, we were moving in the rental during football playoffs and did not have our satellite installed yet.  It was so very sad.  This year, I'm actually checking the calendar and making sure nothing interferes with the playoff games. 

Miles & I have both been under the weather today.  I have a slight cold and I'm doing all I can to keep it from getting bad....Airborne, vitamin C, Sudafed, Aleve, honey, nasal rinse....  Miles is a different story.  He was fine most of the day, but started running a fever tonight.  He went downhill quickly.  Darrin can't stay home tomorrow, so I'm going in to work from 6-8am just to look over things and then come home and spend the day with him.

Despite feeling lousy, I managed to clean out his playroom this morning.  My method is to dump it all in a big pile and then sort through it.  There are just so many little pieces...

Miles was being a little hoarder.  He was clearly not down with my plan to purge...

He played with the neighbor girls this afternoon.  In this pic, he is pacing the backyard, waiting for an invitation b/c he was too shy to invite himself.  I later found out that there were seven girls there....and Miles.  He said he didn't play with the girls.  I later confirmed that he in fact did not play with them, and instead spent his time talking to Mr. John and playing with their dog.

More football this afternoon.  We bought Miles this NFL helmet set b/c it's about time he starts learning the teams.  Only the most important matters in our house.

Hope everyone had a great weekend.  I'm off to watch the best show on TV...the Good Wife.  Night!

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