Saturday, June 8, 2013


I could sit here all night and not come up with a more creative title, so I'm going with it.  We got tickets earlier this week to go to the St. Jude Classic in Memphis.  Darrin & I had been talking about how cool it would be to go this year b/c Phil Mickelson was going to be there.  Then, the next day I came across some free tickets.  Yes please!  Aunt Crystal & Uncle Steve agreed to keep Miles for the weekend.  They are so good like that...

We drove to Memphis last night after stopping in Jackson to eat at Coyote Blues & do a little shopping.  We also scored a free hotel room with a few rewards points and a sweet talking husband.  The hotel was very nice & happened to be right next door to a Cracker Barrel.  I've been craving their multi berry pancakes since I had them on the women's trip a couple months ago.  They did not let me down.

We got to the course about the time Phil was teeing off.  He's one of my favs, and I was very star stuck.  At one point, we were right next to him & I looked up and Darrin was several steps ahead b/c I was in my own little world walking the course with Phil :)   We followed him for a few holes, but the crowds were too much, especially when you're short like me.

You aren't allowed to take pictures so when I tried to sneak some they usually ended up looking like this...

I did manage to get a good one of Phil.  They were really strict around secret service strict.  To my dismay, they do not play with their no picture rule.  

There were a couple female caddies.  Someone said this chick was his wife.  She was my size & I'm pretty sure the bag was bigger than her.  It was interesting to watch her lug that thing around.

David Toms was also there.  I like him a lot too.  One of the volunteers said he's the nicest guy on tour.

Usually the signs that the volunteers hold up at a golf tournament say "Quiet Please" but today they said "Hush Y'all".  I loved them.  Kuddos to the marketer that came up with that.

At the end of the day we camped out on the 18th green.  That was a lot of fun.  For extra excitement, a turtle came walking out of the water and all the way across the green.  Good fun while we were waiting for the next group.

We decided that we need to bring Miles next year to try to get stuff from the golfers as they finish 18.  The little ones always got stuff, like balls and gloves.  It was fun to see who was nice and who wasn't.  We watched several and Phil was the nicest.  He gave his glove to a little girl and took a minute to do it instead of just tossing it at her.

When football season ends, golf is the next thing that we consistently watch in our house, especially on Sunday afternoons.  We also played a lot of golf together when we were dating.  I may pick it back up one day but right now it's too expensive for both of us to play.  Well....I realize that this was a complete bore for most people that read my blog, but we sure had a fun day. 

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