Sunday, April 28, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

Friday was moving day.  The day started with a gift basket from my friends at work.  They are the best!

It was a very drizzly, dreary, raining day to move to our new house.

The movers called and asked if we still wanted to go ahead with the move due to the weather and informed us that it would get very dirty.  So, I left work and hour early and bought some paper to tape down.  My friend, Melanie, spent her lunch hour taping down paper with me...

Once the paper was down....

...I waited in the peace & quiet for the movers to show up.  It was the calm before the storm.

It took them about 45 minutes to figure out a way to get the truck up the driveway b/c of the angle.  

Just as they pulled up the driveway, it started to rain.  Luckily it only sprinkled for a few minutes.  The rain held off until about 5 minutes after they left.  Then, it proceeded to rain hard for the next day and a half. 

We had several visitors during the weekend.  I didn't get pictures of everyone, but thanks to friends and family for visiting, bringing food, helping unpack, cleaning, hanging things, entertaining Miles, etc.  We couldn't have done it without you.


Stephanie helped direct traffic while the movers were here and mostly just kept me sane.  It's hard watching your furniture being manhandled up stairs and around freshly painted walls.  I realize they can only be so gentle but it's nerve-racking! 

When we picked Miles up from school on Friday, the first thing he did was color at the desk in his room.  He kept asking when we were going home (to the rental).  We explained several times that this is home now.  He said, "Then you and Daddy need to put on your pjs."  He's happiest when we are all home and in our "comfy clothes".  He gets it honest.  On Saturday, he asked me if we were going to live here forever.  I told him yes (because WE ARE!) and he said, "Good".

We were nervous that Miles might not do as well in this room as he did in the rental b/c we aren't as close.  I'm happy to report that he's stayed in his bed both nights.  Tonight, he even went to bed while we were downstairs, which we also thought might be a problem. 

Saturday morning we had to go out to breakfast b/c all of our food was still boxed up.  We went to the Hearth...

After breakfast, we went back to the rental to clean it up.  While we were cleaning, Miles decided to turn on the water at the washer and dryer hook ups.  It shot all over him like a fire hydrant.  It scared the life out of him.  He was drenched in seconds & so was the room.  We didn't laugh at him b/c he was so scared but it was very funny.  Hopefully it was a good lesson not to mess with things that you don't know what they do.  He had to ride home shirtless and soaked.

We finally finished putting almost everything away around 10pm last night.  The weekend was exhausting and I'm so glad it's behind us.  We still have a ton of boxes to go through that were in storage while we were in the rental.  They will have to wait a while.  I have no idea what's in them, so I'm not missing anything.

Even though we had late nights, Miles was still up early.  We tried to convince him to go back to sleep so we could rest for a little while longer...

Aunt Crystal, Uncle Steve, Olivia and Ava came to visit today.  The kids had fun together as usual. 

Tonight we went to Lowes & ran into our friend, Grayson...

After Lowes, we made our millionth trip to Walmart.  What is it about a move that makes going to Walmart every couple hours a necessity???  It's been a long weekend, but the boxes are unpacked, the house is clean, the frig is stocked, and we are ready to start the week in our new house.  So grateful.

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