Sunday, April 14, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

My weekend consisted of painting.  Darrin had a tournament at Ole Miss, so he was gone all day on Saturday.  My mom came up to help work on the house.  She and I tend to work the same, which is nonstop until it's done.  We painted all day Saturday and all afternoon today, and I think we only sat down once.  I am exhausted and I know she is too.  As I was driving back to the rental when we were finished, I felt so bad that I had a 5 minute drive while she had an almost 3 hour drive.  Thank you, Mom!

We had a little help from Miles...

....but this is more realistic...

He explored all day outside yesterday.  It was so cute to see him check out our new digs.  I think he's going to love it.  More to come on the painting.  Right now, I need to take care of this house, which has been neglected all weekend.

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