Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

Warning this might be the most boring post ever.  Not feeling very bloggy and we had an uneventful weekend.  It went like this.  Friday night, Darrin left for Louisville.  Miles & I went out to dinner and then rented two Redbox movies.  As I was checking out at Redbox and a women told me what the promo code was for the day.  I've seen something on Pinterest that says "never pay for Redbox again" but I've never tried it.  Well, this woman's code worked & it was free!  I searched online for a code the next day and got another free one.  The code I used on the second day said that it was an ongoing code for 2013.  You might want to try it....DVDONME.  Miles watched ParaNorman and The Tiny Kingdom, and I rented The Help but never actually watched it.  I kept it for two days, so I guess Red Box still made some money off of me.

Saturday, we met Carrie & Ansley at the gym.  Then Miles and I went grocery shopping.

After grocery shopping, Miles got a haircut.  Carrie gave me a little tip that Rural King has baby chicks this time of year and it serves as great bribery, which I decided to use during his haircut.  Haircuts have the potential to be a nightmare with him.  Unfortunately his hair grows quickly, so we have to go every 3-4 weeks.  Candy & the baby chick bribe worked like a charm.  He was excellent...probably the best he's ever been during a hair cut.  We took our own cape again (hooded towel) and that seemed to help too.  After the haircut, we went straight to Rural King.  Unfortunately they were sold out of baby chicks :(  Surprisingly he was ok with the free popcorn instead.  They are supposed to get some more this week, so I'll make good on my promise eventually.

Saturday night, we hung out at home.  Darrin got home around 10:30pm.  Church today, and then long naps for Miles & me, while Darrin enjoyed the quiet & caught up on his DVR shows.  We also did lots of laundry, errands, cooking, getting food ready for the week, selling consignment clothes, shopping online, obsessing about the house, etc.  It's been a good, productive weekend at home.  Hope yours was good too!

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