Friday, March 8, 2013

Randomness About Miles

The other day Miles stayed home with Darrin so they could have a male bonding day.  That night I had to clear the following off my bed, just to go to sleep.  He is never without a superhero accessory.  One of his teachers told me today that the boys always play Power Rangers, Transformers, super heroes, etc, but Miles is always a Ninja Turtle no matter what anyone else is.

My conversation with Miles the other day...
Miles: "Mom, when persons want to grow, they have to be patient.  You have to be patient Mom."
Me: "So, you think I'll grow?"
Miles: "Yes. Right now you are medium sized."

My view while I put on my make up the other day...sleepyhead...

Tonight at dinner he said that he got in trouble for kissing at school today.  I asked him who he kissed.  He said Neeley during circle time.  I asked if she was upset or if she was ok.  He confidently said that she was ok :)  I guess he's too old to be kissing his friends at school, but it makes me sad.  He's so affectionate and I hate to take that innocence away from him. 

Darrin fell asleep on the couch the other night.  He said he woke up in the middle of the night and Miles was staring at him.  When Darrin opened his eyes and looked at him, Miles leaned down and kissed Darrin's arm....then walked to the frig and got a drink of water....then walked back to bed.  This house has been a miracle in regards to sleep.  He went from not sleeping all night in his bed ever in the old house, to sleeping all night, every night in this house.  I really hope the new house doesn't mess it up.

He has been asking for a belt for a while now.  I finally ordered one online the other day.  I also ordered some pants with belt loops b/c we currently have none.  He's been asking me everyday if it's in the mail yet...meaning the mailbox.  It arrived today.  He had to try it on immediately (with his dirty shirt from daycare).  He was so proud... 

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