Sunday, February 3, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

This is going to be quick my friends, b/c I am tired and I have a terrible headache.  Friday night, we had a family night.  Miles begs to go out to eat almost every night and it has been a while, so we obliged and went to Los Portales.  That's his favorite.  Then, we went to the movie store where he rented Power Rangers.  Did you know that Power Rangers is over two hours long?  Lucky us.  He loved his night.

Saturday morning it was hair cut time.  He wanted to wear his robe that Granny & Pa got him for Christmas instead of the usual cape.  Whatever works....and it did.  He was exceptionally good. 

We did a little shopping that afternoon.  Miles needed new tennis shoes and dress shoes.  We accomplished both and headed home for family nap time.  Darrin & I went on a date, while Miles stayed with a babysitter.  It was a fun night, but Miles was wired until 11:30pm due to the excitement of a babysitter and a long nap.  It got ugly around here and the night ended with his new TV being taken out of his room.  Of course he was sad, and I ended up laying down with him b/c he was crying so hard that he was saying his head hurt :(  
This morning we went to church and then had family nap time again...

Our Sunday School class had a Super Bowl party tonight.  Our class is too big to go to any one's house so we rented the conference room at the Hampton Inn.  It was a perfect place except we couldn't get the game on the TV.....everything else...but not the station with the game.

We ended up eating and visiting for a little while...

...and then heading home to watch the game in our living room...

A certain ninja did not make it easy to focus on the game, but he fell asleep at the start of the 4th quarter...just in time to watch a great ending to a great game.

There you have it...a fun weekend, full of fun and rest.  Now, I  Good night.

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