Monday, February 4, 2013

Say Ahhhhh

Miles takes after Darrin in a lot of ways.  One thing he definitely got from his Daddy is his snoring.  The kid can saw some logs.  He always has.  You can always tell when he is asleep b/c he starts snoring almost immediately.  Now that our room is right next to his, I listen to both of them all night long.

My mom saw something on TV recently about how snoring can interfere with a good night's sleep and potentially lead to behavior issues or health issues.  I don't remember where I heard or read about it but remember seeing something years ago too.  I did a little research and found multiple sites that said to never ignore a child that snores.  I realize that you can prove or disprove anything on the internet, but it was enough for me to make an appointment.  When I called his pediatrician, I asked if anyone ever came in for snoring and she confirmed that they did, and that I wasn't crazy.  Ok, she didn't say that I wasn't crazy, but that's how it translated to me :) 

We went to see Dr. Bates last Thursday.  He asked several questions and we talked about everything from enlarged tonsils to allergies to sleep apnea to poor behavior. Then, he looked at his tonsils. His response, "He definitely has some sizable tonsils."  He asked if I had ever looked at them, but I had not b/c I didn't feel like I knew what to look for.  He's never complained of a sore throat so I've never had any reason to check for redness or anything. This weekend Darrin and I checked them out.  I could not believe how big they were.  There's no question why he's snoring.  They almost touch.  I was shocked.

The plan is to see if Zyrtec will shrink them.  I don't think it will, and I didn't get the feeling that Dr. Bates thought it would either.  There's really nothing else to do except go on to an ENT and possibly have his tonsils taken out.  Dr. Bates talked about how a tonsillectomy is a routine surgery but that you can never rush into a surgery.  We go back to Dr. Bates in six weeks unless I want to go back earlier.  I really think at that point that he will refer us on to an ENT.  I'm so glad that my mom said something about it.  Miles looks tired all the time.  He has dark circles, which I realize can be from allergies, but I really think it's inadequate sleep.  It's been bothering me but I didn't know what to do. I guess we'll see where this leads. 

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