Thursday, February 14, 2013

Our Valentine's Day

We had a fun Valentine's Day at our house.  Gifts for everyone.  Miles got a Power Ranger mask and some little stuff that came with it.  Powers Rangers are a big deal for him right now.

Miles gave me a Super Hero card that he picked out.  I loved it so much that I took it to work and put it on my desk...

Towards the end of the day I realized it was actually a birthday card.  Darrin said he knew it was, but that he got it anyway b/c Miles picked it out.  I would have done the same thing.

Darrin gave me a Boogie Board, which is an erasable LED memo pad.  The perfect gift for someone who kills trees with the amount of doodling I do, especially while talking on the phone at work...

Darrin got a book he's been wanting and some movie tickets.  No pictures b/c the book hasn't come in the mail yet and I haven't actually gone to buy the tickets.  Oops. Thankfully he could care less.

Another highlight of the day was that Miles got to be the camera man at school.  During circle time, the teacher picks a camera person and a weather person.  I asked Miles what the camera man does & he said, "films the guy in front of us".  Thanks for sending these pictures, Brook! 

I woke up at 4:15am and couldn't go back to sleep.  I played on my phone looking at Pinterest and FB for a while and then decided to go to the gym at 5:15am.  I knew I'd be tired tonight so I thought I would my workout over with.  I'm so glad I did b/c I am exhausted.  I couldn't get home & in my sweats fast enough!  We are waiting for Darrin to get home and then it's steaks and couch time for us.  I'm not doing a thing all night.  That might be the greatest present ever.  Happy Valentine's Day!  

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