Wednesday, August 2, 2017

First Day of 2nd Grade

After going to open house on Monday night, Miles was more than ready to go to school today. We've been hearing great things about his teacher. He walked out that night saying, "I wasn't excited, but I am now." The morning wasn't without some nerves. Change and new beginnings will probably always get to him. He was draped over the kitchen sink spitting and saying his stomach hurt. I thought he was going to lose his breakfast at one point. He pulled it together and remained excited.

I'm going to look back at this stage of life and have zero pictures without a peace sign.

He got a new backpack this year after using the same one for Kindergarten and First grade. He picked this out on his own. Orange is his favorite right now b/c his baseball team is orange and blue.

This was a twist on the peace sign this morning. Not sure where it came from.

Miles' class is in a portable this year. I was bummed when I heard that b/c the security of it worries me, but he's excited about it. I think his teacher beats to her own drum separate from the rest of the school and I think that is going to make us love her. Mason is in the portable across from him.

His class is very non-traditional. There are no desks. They can sit anywhere they want and they can move around during the day. She has high top tables with bar stools, smaller tables with benches, and a coffee table with cushions. He wanted to sit at the high top table today.

His teacher's name is Ms. Audrey. She doesn't do a behavior chart b/c she says that we have better things to talk about at night than what color our kids were on. Can I get an amen??? She said that behavior issues are between her and the student and that she rarely involves a parent. She also lets them chew gum, which scored major points with Miles. On the way to school, he asked for some. Best I could tell, her philosophy is to treat them respect and empower them to learn and to make decisions. I am a fan.

As we were driving to school, he told me that it was kind of embarrassing that I was walking him in. I told him that I didn't have to if it embarrassed him, but then he quickly changed his tune when he thought that I actually may not. I think it probably did embarrass him a little, but he still wanted me there. I snapped a few pictures and told him bye without hugging him as not to draw attention to him.

When I was leaving, the kids were just hanging out talking and laughing. I glanced at the class across from him. They were in a straight line against the wall not talking. The teacher was walking back and forth telling them what they would do every morning. I get it, if I was a teacher that's probably what I would do. But in the short time I've observed Ms. Audrey, I've seen that there's a better way. If she can get the job done and still allow some freedom and flexibility, then I say that's the better way to go. It allows kids to be kids, which is what they should be. Miles said his day was "amazing and awesome" and he can't wait to go back tomorrow. We couldn't be more excited about the year ahead!

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