Thursday, May 11, 2017

Not a Fun Way to be Woken Up

At 4am, I heard an unusual sound on Carson's monitor. It wasn't a cry, but I couldn't tell exactly what was going on. I turned the monitor up and realized that Carson was struggling to breathe. I immediately thought that it was probably croup, but I did wonder if he was choking on something. Miles has had the croup a couple times, but his airways were never restricted. He just had the barking seal cough. When I got to Carson's room, he was really struggling. I never thought he couldn't breathe, but it was definitely labored. I took him outside to get some air, b/c cold air helps reduce the airway restriction, but it wasn't cold enough. Next, we tried the freezer, but our freezer is on the bottom and it was not conducive to him breathing the cold air. I tried the ice maker that he have in our island, which was also a negative. Finally, we tried the side by side frig & freezer in the garage. It helped just enough to calm his breathing a little. I gave him some Motrin and he laid down in our bed with Darrin. Laying in Darrin's arms, in our bed, is his happy place. He feel back asleep and slept for two hours.

Darrin stayed home from work and took him to the doctor who confirmed that it was croup and a slight ear infection. He's been sick several times in the last couple weeks. I don't think he's ever fully gotten over it, especially the ear infections.

Darrin said he was memorized by the fish tank in the waiting room.

They went to Walmart to do some shopping and he was equally memorized by the baby food in the cart. Apparently he stared at it the whole time.

Miles went with his friend, Nate, to the ball field tonight. Nate's brother had a game and they invited Miles to just go and hang out. I typically say no to things like this b/c it's a school night....and bed time....and the usual routine....are all high priorities. Since it's almost summertime, I thought I would just let him go and have fun. I even gave him $5 and told him to get whatever he wanted. He bought a Powerade for each of them and they shared some sour Skittles. Nate's mom earned some big points when she ordered both of them a fidget spinner earlier this week. He came home tonight with a scrapped up knee, but he was happy, filthy, and tired....just the way boys should be.

About five minutes after he got home, I remembered why we don't do things like this. When Miles gets tired, all reasoning power, logic, and sensibility goes out the window. It started when he didn't want to take a shower b/c he didn't want to get his scrapped knee in the water and then quickly escalated from there. Before you know it, he was telling us that we didn't care about him and then on from there. They wanted him to spend the night and thankfully I knew that was beyond his limits. I don't see or hear other kids that have these issues when they get tired and physically exhausted, but all I can hope is that he will grow out of it in time. Both boys are fast asleep and now it's my turn.

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