Monday, May 8, 2017

He Won! and Other Randomness

Miles finished the year with the 2nd most AR reading points in his class. He read over 200 books, which explains how in the world he became such a good reader. His progress this year really is amazing. They gave away prizes to the top AR readers today. It was all by random draw. The grand prize was 4 Kindle Fires...and he won! They drew his name several times. His friend, Mason, didn't receive any good prizes, so Miles let him pick one of his, other than the Kindle of course. He chose the harmonica. Wise choice, Mason. We are all thankful. Kidding aside, I was proud of my boy for that.

Onto the randomness. The boys hanging out this weekend between games. Can't find Miles? Always look for the peace sign. It's a sure bet. Since there are two, he's the peace sign on the left.

Another peace sign...

Carson's belly was so full, so my mom was helping him stretch it out a little. This is a 6-9 month outfit and it's nearing the end. His toes are getting a little snug.

Darrin set up a target and they practiced baseball yesterday. This kid loves to practice. At times, I've felt like he just liked the time with us, but I think that is shifting to a love for baseball. I asked if he was going to play football this fall, just to see if he might like to try something different, but he said that he wanted to play baseball. We'll see how he feels after travel season is over.

I received this picture from Carson's teacher today....with no explanation. I still don't know what was up with the flamingo, but he looks cute :)

Miles had a game tonight, but Carson and I stayed home. His game didn't start until 7:15 which means we don't get home until 9pm by the time you talk, pack up, and drive home. It's such a hard thing to miss Miles' game, but I feel strongly that this one needs to be a priority too. He hasn't been feeling great. I think it's just teething, but staying out of the night air and getting to bed at the right time seemed important tonight. We had fun staying home together and I was able to get several things done. 

Carson's class has transitioned to one nap a day. It's not ideal since he's one of the youngest, but I know you don't get everything you want when you send them to daycare. He's taking the transition hard. He was asleep when I picked him up, and he stayed asleep all the way to the car and while I buckled him in. That has never happened!

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