Thursday, May 4, 2017

Follow Up Dr Visit & Some Random Pics

I took Carson for an ear re-check and for his 9 month shots. He couldn't get them at his 9 month well visit b/c he had an ear infection. His ears looked and his chest is clear. He has some nasal congestion that she hopes doesn't cause another ear infection. I'm afraid if he gets another one that we'll be talking about tubes. He whimpered for just a second after his shots and then he was fine. He didn't seem to feel good this morning, but after some Tylenol, he did fine at daycare all day.

We still can't decide what color his eyes are, but I really think they might stay like this. I posted this pic on FB and it caused quite the conversation. Most said hazel. The biggest part is probably hazel, but there is a blueish gray ring around the outside. I tend to think they look gray.

We took several pictures while we were trying to get a close up that shows his eyes well. They were too cute to pass up.

He might have eyelashes like his brother.

I took Miles to practice last night. My plan was to go to Walmart during practice and then pick him up when it was over. I ended up staying and visiting with the other parents. It's fun to spend time with just Miles sometimes. He's getting so big. It's fun to just talk to him.

Carson rode in a buggy for the first time. He didn't know what to think.

He still eats fast and furiously. He literally starts crying when the bites aren't big enough.I sent this to Darrin today and said "I like big bites and I cannot lie."

We spent a very cold, rainy night at the baseball field tonight. I'm just now warming up. It was supposed to be a good game, so I got a babysitter to come over since it was too cold for Carson. We got beat 9-1 :(

Morning selfie on the way to work. Nice to see my hair is growing back from when it fell out post Carson.

Off to bed. We have a very full weekend ahead. Good night, all!

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