Sunday, April 9, 2017

Weekend Wrap Up

Here are some pictures from our weekend (and last week since I've been MIA) in no particular order b/c I'm exhausted and I have to go out of town tomorrow for work. I'm only allowing myself a few words per picture b/c I have a ton and I can't afford to be here all night. Here goes....

Thankful for coaches that have end of the game prayers.

Miles' travel team is the Medina Hornets. Go Hornets!

A woman did not design white on white baseball uniforms.

Miles' played against one of his friends from Martin this weekend. Miles is playing third and his friend, Kohen, is on base.

We got a new stroller recently. Apparently when you don't put the brake on a 3 wheel stroller, they will roll. Carson rolled off the driveway and fell completely over in the grass.

 He had a busted lip but was otherwise ok. Miles cried for longer than Carson. That about sums up their personalities so far.

Carson likes to find the one spot I can't see on the video monitor.

We went out to eat with our good friends, Rachel & Travis recently. Lots of laughs were had.

This is why I bought the stroller. It served as a play pen during Miles' games this weekend. It was a huge success.

Carson tried lasagna recently and loved it. I think it might have hurt his stomach later though. I was hoping he would outgrow his tummy troubles, but he's still showing signs of lactose issues.

Faux hawk and Lil Bro shirt.

This boy loves carrots.

Scoping out the competition. 

Yes, he was.

Darrin recruited these 4 at UT Martin four years ago. They are about to graduate in a couple weeks, so they came to see us. It is such a joy to see players mature over their college years. This is definitely a special group. They are going to do great things!

Ran into one of my college roommates this weekend at the ballpark. What a fun surprise! We don't really keep in touch b/c busy lives but it's fun to pick up each time we see each other.

We traveled an hour and 45 minutes one way to our tournament this weekend and decided to come home on Saturday and drive back on Sunday. It was a long weekend.

Carson could not have handled the weekend any better. He was seriously perfect. Played at the baseball field and slept in the car the entire time.

Miles ran a fever last Thursday for just a short time. He had to miss school and his first city league baseball game. Thankfully it went as fast as it came.

Nate, Tyler, and Miles...good friends!

After we got home from the tournament today, he practiced for two more hours.

We are loving a new game called Stratego. I bought it used for $3 and we've already gotten our monies worth out of it.

Carson is scooting and so close to crawling. It's about to get interesting around here.

I got this from Carson's teacher the other day. Guilty.

Our tournament this weekend was half way between our house and my mom's house, so she and my sister-in-law came to watch Miles play.

They also go their Carson fix.

Miles and his cousin, Rowan.

It was so good to see my good friend, Shannon. It made our drive to the tournament worth it.

Every day Carson's sheet says the same thing....he ate everything and slept a little. He eats everything, everyday.

The stroller was a success for napping too.

It was a fun weekend and now I have to pack and go to bed. I'm not even proofing this (doesn't usually do any good anyway) so forgive all the typos. Goodnight, all!

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