Tuesday, April 18, 2017

9 Months!

Carson was 9 months last Wednesday! This is the only way I could contain him for a picture.

We took him for his 9 month well visit on Thursday. It was a family affair as are many of our doctor's visits.

He was sick while I was out of town, but he hadn't run fever in two days, so we went ahead with the well visit. I knew there was a chance that he might have an ear infection, strep, or something like that and wouldn't be able to get shots that day, but I was happy to take him since we already had the appointment.

Carson makes it really hard to know if something is wrong, b/c even though he was all smiles, she said he had a really bad ear infection in his left ear. She thinks the ear infection is a result of drainage rather than his ear being the initial problem. He's had an ear infection in his right ear, left ear, and a double ear infection once. She's hopeful that he won't have anymore problems with the warmer weather here now.

He weighs 18lbs 13oz (25th percentile) and is 27" long (15th percentile). Our preemie is catching up fast.

She asked about all the developmental milestones. He seems to be very close or right at where he needs to be. I can't tell that he's behind at all. She asked if he was pulling up yet. I told her no and then that very night he did this at Miles' game. So much for the nifty stroller that was going to keep him contained at baseball tournaments.

He has become the best sleeper. It was such a struggle, but we can finally lay him down awake for naps and bedtime and he goes to sleep without a fight. He sleeps 10-11 hours at night and usually naps 1.5-3 hours a couple times a day at home. He doesn't nap as well at school, which is to be expected with all the other babies, but he does pretty well there too. During nap time at home now he gets a blanket and stuff animal. At night he still sleeps in a sleep sack and gets his glow giraffe. Every night when we lay him down, he rolls over and plays with the giraffe's ears :)

He eats 7 jars of baby food a day and drinks 4 bottles. He can't figure out what to do with a sippy cup, but Miles was challenged in that area too. I'm not pushing that this time. He'll figure it out eventually, hopefully with the help of his daycare teachers :) He still loves to play with toys and listens intently when we read to him. He shows us more of his personality every day. He is a little joy and all three of us love him to pieces.

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