Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Miles' Christmas Program & Baking Christmas Cookies

Miles had his Christmas program at school tonight. His buddy, Tyler, is not in his class this year, so it's always good to be able to take pictures at things like this.

Miles spotted us pretty quickly after they took their places. The program was called Christmas at the OK Corral. He has been singing the songs for weeks. He tried out for a speaking part, but didn't get one. I could tell he felt a little rejected b/c he brought it up a few times. There were only around 10 parts for 9 classes. Two kids from his class had speaking parts, so that was exciting for him to watch his friends. His part was called a Townsperson :)

The theme was western hence all the plaid and cowboy hats. Miles really got into the moves and belted out every word of every song.

He was beyond excited to have Carson there. He's always asking for him to come when we eat lunch or attend a party, but we always say no b/c of the germs. When I told him Carson was coming to watch him tonight he was so excited and said "No way!" in a shocked voice.

Miles wanted his picture with Mrs. April. I think he has a love/hate relationship with her b/c she gets onto him and he doesn't like any kind of criticism. I think she's fantastic.

It was crazy after the program was over and we didn't get a chance to take any pictures with friends. We were happy to run into Gaige and his mom out in the party lot. 

It was a cute little program. I'm thankful that Miles goes to a school that does stuff like this. Miles sure loved it.

We baked some sugar cookies recently. It's getting to be so much fun now that Carson can be right there with us. It's hard to tell but Darrin put some flour on his nose in this picture.

I received some new cookie cutters as part of a Secret Santa exchange. The new shapes were fun. We iced them too, but I didn't take any pictures of the final product. They didn't last long around here.

If Miles is around, Carson doesn't take his eyes off of him.

Off to bed I go. Carson is sleeping well, but he still cries when he rolls to his back, which results in me having to go put him back on his side. We've decided that the best sleep plan for us is for Darrin to stay up and feed him at 10pm, so I can go to bed early. Then, I get up if he cries during the night. Sometimes he doesn't and sometimes it's 2 times like it was last night. Our plan only works if I make myself go to bed early. It's already 10:15pm, so I better get to sleep!

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