Thursday, November 10, 2016

Brotherly Love

Miles continues to amaze us with his love and affection towards Carson. He still craves attention sometimes, but it never presents itself as resentment towards Carson. I put Carson in the bouncy seat the other day so I could take a shower. I got out to see this. Mile had gotten him out so they could lay beside each other and watch TV.

Over the weekend, he made a fort, put Carson's activity mat inside, and then read books to him.

In the afternoons, he's started feeding Carson for me when we get home from work and school. This gives me time to get dinner ready. It is incredibly helpful. He does a really good job too. He feeds him and burps him. Carson is usually always good for him. He probably senses that Miles is never nervous or frustrated.

We moved Miles' booster seat right next to Carson. Miles LOVED sitting right next to him, but unfortunately, it was too hard to buckle his seat belt in the middle seat. We ended up moving it back. It's probably for the best b/c I don't like all those school germ on Carson before Miles has taken a shower. Miles can't keep his hands off of Carson.

More reading to Carson on a Saturday morning.

Carson already loves Miles too. He stares at him and give him big smiles.

I'm so thankful that being a big brother is all Miles thought it would be. Miles is very affectionate and loving by nature. He gets that from Darrin. It's really no surprise that he loves Carson just like he said he would.

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