Sunday, September 11, 2016

Weekend Wrap Up

Since I'm still on maternity leave and weekdays and weekends are somewhat the same for me, minus Miles being in school, I would say that our weekend started on Thursday. Darrin left to go out of town that morning and my mom came up that afternoon to stay for a few nights. Thank goodness she was here b/c it was a l-o-n-g weekend.

The weekend started with a trip to the doctor for Carson. On Monday, he started having diarrhea off and on. Wednesday night it got much more frequent. Since he's still so young, the doctor said to bring him in. I had to pick Miles up a little early and head to the appointment.

It was a quick visit. She said he looked good. We aren't sure if it's a virus or possibly a milk allergy. I lean towards virus, but she told us to switch to a soy formula so we could rule out a milk allergy. The plan is to use this formula until his diarrhea stops and then switch to Similac Sensitive. He was on Similac Neosure, but she said we could be finished with that. If his stomach starts acting up again, we will know that he has a milk allergy. I didn't love this solution b/c I really felt like it was a virus, but I couldn't not take her advice. He started the soy formula on Thursday and continued to have runny diarrhea all weekend. Thank goodness my mom was here to help with changing diapers. I have NEVER changed that many diapers in my life. Sometimes he would go 2-4 times in an hour span. It was exhausting. He has continued to eat, which is great news so he doesn't get dehydrated. Lots of baby wearing occurred this weekend. #momlife

Putting on make up...

Just chilling on the couch. Sitting without the wrap was not good enough for this demanding little baby. The wrap is like magic.

I may or may not have been walking up and down the driveway wearing Carson last night at 7:30.  Miles did his part to help keep him happy.

Miles had a baseball game on Thursday night. He did a really good job. He started the game at short stop and then moved to right field. He made a couple great throws and also got two singles. My mom was nice enough to stay home with Carson. Taking him was not an option with the diaper situation.

I was able to sneak away on Friday morning to go to a doctor's appointment. Marmee is determined that nothing will happen on her watch. I came home to find her resting with the monitor on her chest.

I was also able to surprise Miles for lunch since my mom could watch Carson. He's been wanting me to come, but I am not taking Carson to the germ factor, also known as school. He was so happy to have me there. He kept hugging me and smiling so big. He melts my heart. I also took some selfies with a few friends' children and sent them to their moms. I love when people do that for me. Nothing like getting a picture of your kid while you are at work.

My mom left around noon on Saturday. I was completely worn out from the weekend with Carson. He required so much care and attention. Miles and I filled the rest of our day with movies. I'd say Miles enjoyed movie day. This kid lives the life.

Carson has been a little better today. The diahrea has subsided some, but he's been extremely needy tonight. He has his two month check up on Tuesday. When we went last week, we had to see the on call doctor. I'm anxious to talk to his regular doctor. I don't think there is anything wrong with Carson, but something is bothering him and I can't figure it out. He has times that he is completely inconsolable, usually 1-2x a day. We just didn't deal with this at all with Miles, so I don't know how much is normal. Sometimes I think he's just tired or hungry, or maybe he has gas. Sometimes it seems to go beyond gas and feels more like pain. I feel like he's uncomfortable more than what is normal. I just want to be sure that we aren't missing something. I'm anxious to see his doctor this week.

Today was practically a holiday in our house. It was the first Sunday of NFL football. Miles looked up all the games and arranged the helmets. All three of us picked the teams we wanted to win. Miles is keeping up with who has the most picks with wins.

We are introducing Carson early to our love of football. "Train up a child in the way he should go" know?!?

Carson is so close to smiling. I think I almost captured one here.

Darrin and I both had exhausting weekends for very different reasons. Miles and I went to church this morning, while Darrin stayed home with Carson. Since we aren't sure what he has, we decided to keep his germs at home. We also moved our small group to another house. If he does have a stomach virus, no one wants it! I was sad to cancel small group here b/c I love seeing everyone, but it was for the best. We chilled most of the afternoon. I did manage to get a few things done around here, which is necessary since Carson doesn't let me do much during the day. Darrin is going to take care of the 10:30pm feeding so I'm off to bed to get a few hours of sleep before McFussy Pants, our nickname for Carson, is up to eat in a few short hours. Even though he's super needy and oh so fussy, all three of us love him to pieces. He is such a sweet and cuddly baby. We have a busy week ahead with doctor's appointments, baseball games, volleyball games, company...and the list goes on. Hope everyone has a great week!

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