Monday, September 5, 2016

We Survived and Never Say Never

Well, we survived Darrin's first road trip since Carson arrived. Darrin left for Oklahoma on Thursday morning and didn't get home until around 3am on Sunday morning. The games were streamed online so I was able to watch most of them.

Carson cooperated as long as he was being held.

My brother, Jeff, sister-in-law, Jeree, niece, Anna, her friend, and my mom all went to watch Darrin play in Oklahoma. My brother and his family live in Texas and it wasn't a long drive for them. How fun that they go to go! I was so happy to get this pic from my mom.

Friday night, Miles had a scrimmage. The weather was beautiful and the company was great. Carson did much better at this practice than he did at the first. Miles played short stop and left field. He struck out once and got two singles. It was a pretty good start for him.

He scrimmaged against one of his best buddies, Tyler.

After the scrimmage we went home and I finally got both kids to sleep a little after 11pm. Miles was much earlier, but Carson took some time. I took a bath and fixed my hair around midnight b/c that was really the first time I'd had a chance all day. All is right in my world when my hair is clean. Carson is not much of a napper (yet) so it's hard to get anything done. He sleeps well at night though. I'm going to keep working with him on the nap thing. Miles used to sleep for 3-4 hours at a time and it was heavenly.

Saturday morning, Miles went to a friends house, and then we invited a different friend, Levi, over that night. Having no kids in our neighborhood makes for long days. I try to invite friends over for Miles as much as possible, especially while Carson is little and I can't do as much with Miles.

They played Legos, dressed like superheroes, played Skylanders, ate pizza, and did an outdoor scavenger hunt. I think it was a successful play date for both of them.

While they played, I watch around 5 hours of volleyball. Carson wouldn't let me do anything else anyway.

Thank goodness he's cute.

Since Darrin didn't get in until 3am, I took the boys to church myself. I allowed plenty of time to get ready and get out the door. Surprisingly, it wasn't that hard. Miles cooperated which made all the difference. He can make or break your day :)

At church, his Sunday School class decorated a poster for first responders. I love his input..."God is good".

Darrin actually had a night off tonight, so we took advantage and went to eat. Unfortunately I ended up on a bench out front with Carson. I forgot how much fun it is to eat out with kids! Our waitress admittedly forgot to put in our order so it took forever to get our food. About the time it came, Carson started crying. None of us were that hungry anyway after bread, an appetizer, and a salad. We scrounged and got out of there asap.

After dinner, we went to ride go karts. They were closed, so we settled on an arcade at the same place. All three of us really like arcades, so it wasn't really settling.  

Miles lets us use some of his coins as long as we earn some tickets for him. It's a win, win.

So....this happened today. This is where the never say never comes in. I have a huge disdain for "wearing" children. I don't know why, it just always seemed like a helicopter parent that wouldn't put their kids down. 

It totally understand now and take back my thoughts every time someone said, "he just likes to be held" or "she won't let me put her down". Miles was a very easy baby (no worries, he made up for it between ages 2-5). As Darrin said today, Carson is a much different baby. He sleeps well at night, and fairly well during the day while Miles is at school and the house is quiet. From the time Miles gets home until after his last feeding at 10pm, he pretty much insists on being held. I'm all for a little "cry it out", but this cry cannot be ignored. Something had to give, b/c I cannot sit around everyday, all day. I also cannot pace and pat an inconsolable infant at baseball practice and games several days a week. I just can't do it. Carson loved the wrap. A friend said I need to get it tighter and get him up more so it will be a little more comfortable for both of us. Miles has practice tomorrow night so that will be another good test.The weekend was challenging at times, but we survived and I'm glad it is behind us.

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