Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The First Day of School & Carson Comes Home!

Picture overload ahead. It's been a busy two days for our house. Miles started 1st grade yesterday.

It's what all the cool kids do...

He kept saying he wasn't excited, but he finally admitted the night before he started that he was excited and ready to go. 

His teacher is Mrs. April Bocox. She goes by Mrs. April. She seems very organized and structured. She also seems like a good communicator, which is so helpful since it's like pulling teeth to get info from 6 year olds.

One of his best friends, Gaige, is in his class again...even at the same table.

Since I'm on maternity leave, I get to pick Miles up in car line in the afternoons. I've worked his entire life, so it's kind of fun to be a stay at home mom for a couple months. When I picked him up, he said his day was awful and he didn't want to talk about it. After a little time, he said that he got in trouble for helping Gaige put papers in his backpack b/c he was out of his seat. He is really sensitive so any correction like this when he thought he was doing something good is complete devastation. I am sensible enough to understand how the scenario probably played out, but I was still broken hearted for him. He is so tenderhearted. I'm sure we will have many more of these issues over the years. Thankfully, today was much better and he was all smiles. I may or may not have sent the teacher a Sonic gift card to help pave the way for some positive interaction between them. Definitely not bribery...I just knew it would make Miles feel good if she thanked him and she did. Success.

We picked Miles up from school an hour early to go get Carson from the hospital. His nurse called this morning and told me that today was the day. We knew that we wanted Miles to be there to bring him home. I signed Miles out in the office. When I told him where we were going, he got the biggest smile on his face. It was priceless.

So, after 22 days in the NICU, with sights like these...



We finally got to bring Carson home today. We have waited for this day! I held back the tears all day even though I was on the verge of a break down at any minute. The nurses, physical therapists, doctors, and all the staff have been amazing. They were abundantly helpful and never once acted the slightest bit frustrated or even stressed. They all seem to love what they do and it shows with how they not only take care of the babies but also the families. I can't say enough about them. This is the physical therapist, Kim, that helped us so much. I have worked with her husband for years, so it was fun to have that connection. She taught us how to take care of a preemie.

She had twin preemies in the NICU once, so she gets it.

All of the nurses were great, but as with any friendships, you just hit it off with some people. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get pictures with all our favorites, but here are a few. Bonnie...



After a car seat test, a hearing test, Darrin & I watching CPR & baby care videos, and plenty of practice feeding him, it was finally time to bring Carson home! He waited patiently in his car seat while we signed discharge papers.

Big brother was not quite as patient. He was ready to get the show on the road...literally.

One last goodbye. The nurses are so happy for you when you get to take your baby home. As we were walking out, so many of them said congratulations, even if we'd never have them. Such a celebration.

This is a good example of how patient the nurses are. She let Miles 'help' push Carson all the way to the car. It was a long walk and he wasn't exactly helpful if you know what I mean. She knew how much it meant to him. The nurses had seen him cry on several occasions when he had to leave Carson after a short visit. He told a nurse today that he wouldn't cry when he had to leave him to go to school in the morning, he just didn't like to leave him at the hospital. Even though he was well taken care of, it did seem like we were leaving him alone when we left him.

Miles let him hold his finger on the way home, which is comforting for a preemie. 

Now, we are home and it feels so good. I remember this feeling when we brought Miles home.

Miles is so happy to be able to hold him, and so are we.

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