Friday, August 26, 2016

Big Brother and Other Random Thoughts

Miles is seriously the best big brother. We knew he would be good despite so many people telling us that he didn't know what he was in for. His little heart is perfect for his new role. He is so helpful when I need to get stuff done. Darrin is working long days which leaves Miles & I to tag team everything at home. At bedtime the other night, I asked if I could leave Carson with him while I went to take care of a few things. He said, "Yes, he's fine here with me." They were both very content next to each other.

Yesterday, Carson insisted on being held all day. He wasn't interested in his crib or the bouncy seat. He was even fussy for a lot of the day while I was holding him. I have a little deal with Miles. While he holds Carson for me, he gets to watch TV. TV is not unlimited in our house, so he's happy when he gets to watch. Not long after I gave Carson to him, Carson got fussy and started crying/screaming. I looked at Miles from the kitchen and he told me that he was fine and proceeded to pat Carson and re-position him to his chest. It's amazing to see a 7 year old that doesn't get rattled by a baby crying. He sincerely enjoys taking care of him and comforting him. He even calls him honey and baby b/c he hears me talking to him like that. I hope as Carson grows up he is as tender and loving towards Miles.

In no particular order, some other random happenings around here. Carson is getting some cheeks! He goes for a weight check on Monday. I would guess he's around 7.5lbs. 7lbs 12 oz would be double his birth weight. He might even be there. I have never seen a baby put on weight as quickly as he has. I credit a lot of that to our tight schedule of eat and sleep, but also a lot must be from the high calorie formula that he's on, Neosure.

Miles and I are enjoying some Sonic happy hours after school. It's fun b/c I never get to do this stuff when I'm working. I must admit that the first couple weeks that Carson was home from the hospital Miles was a challenge. It seemed like the days would go by so quickly and then it was time to get Miles from school, which meant our quiet home turned to noisy and chaotic. He was probably a little overwhelmed with the changes and adjusting to not being an only child anymore, not to mention the start of another school year. He wasn't bad, but he was hyper and needy. He wanted me to watch everything and play with him. It was always, "Mom watch this"..."Mom look at me"..."Mom what do you want me to play" I'm sure it was his way of crying out for attention. I tried to be sensitive to him, but it was hard to enjoy Carson and pay attention to Miles, especially when nothing seemed to be enough for Miles. I think he's settled in now. The days are much more enjoyable.

Carson graduated from the bathroom sink to the kitchen sink, but he's already filling it out. Next up is his baby tub.

This little snuggler loves to be held. Miles wasn't like that as much. It's fun, but hard when I have things to do.

Every day when I pick Miles up in car line, he waves so big when he sees me and says "Hi momma!" from across the line. He also tells every teacher that walks him to the car that his little brother is in the backseat and points to Carson and says "There he is". Sometimes the teacher will be walking with another kid too and Miles is sure to tell him or her about Carson too.

Miles does no less than 50 cartwheels a day. He's always loved doing them, but the obsession started around the Olympics. I finally had to restrict cartwheels to the living room, sun room, and his room. No cartwheels are allowed in the kitchen, Carson's room, or my bathroom. Last night while he was cleaning his room he would pick something up on one side of the room and then do a cartwheel to get to the other side b/c he said it was faster. Mind you, his room is not that big. It's slightly annoying but he does them without even thinking about it now. I think he would love gymnastics, but Darrin isn't on board with that....yet.

Lots of holding happened yesterday. Darrin finally got home from work around 11pm. I was exhausted. He fed Carson and I warned that he would not go to sleep in his crib. Of course Darrin had no trouble and Carson went right to sleep the first try. A relief, but slightly frustrating since I had wrangled him all day long.

This is the face of a baby with a full belly and after a good burp. 

Our whole house overslept today, so our morning was a little rushed and Carson's schedule is off. I'm not going to stress b/c we will get back on track soon. He's still eating every 3 hours, but he's up to almost 4 oz which would probably allow him to push feedings to every 4 hours. It's kind of tricky right now since he's not quite up to 4 oz, and yet he's eating so much that it seems a little heavy for his stomach every 3 hours. The schedule might be a little hit or miss until he can get up to 4 oz, which will probably be next week. I'm going to try to go with the flow, which isn't comfortable for me, until we get to 4 oz.

Our weekend consists of baseball practice, a volleyball scrimmage, and a team building event for Darrin's team, which Miles is going to attend. Should be fun for him and a little one on one time for Carson and me. We are also taking Carson to church for the first time. We are going to leave him in his seat and keep him with us. It's time to get back to a routine. Our small is group is coming back on Sunday night too. We are so excited. We have missed them so much. They have spoiled us rotten and we can't wait to hug them and tell them thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Hope you all have a great weekend!

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