Sunday, July 10, 2016

Weekend Wrap Up & 34 Weeks

With the exception of church on Sunday, we had absolutely no plans this weekend.  That's the way I needed it, so I fought the urge to find something to do.  It helped that it was rainy, humid, dreary, or very hot during the weekend.  We spent a lot of down time chilling and watching TV, but we did manage to play some games...

Miles worked on learning to ride his bike. 

He was very determined.  He did a pretty good job for his first real effort without training wheels.

Darrin perfected his 'Dad life' look.

Miles had a friend over this afternoon.  These two are the most chill 6 year old boys you will ever meet.  I hardly knew they were in the house.

I'm sure Miles freaks out his friends with his affectionate nature. Don't worry kids, there's more where that came from.  Just ask his dad's friends.

I am 34 weeks today.  I'm trying my best not to complain and keep a smile on my face, but we are getting down to the end and pregnancy is real.  

I go to the doctor on Tuesday and we will schedule the c-section for 39 weeks.  Unless he decides to come sooner, we are looking at the week of August 15th.  Between now and then, I need to wrap things up at work to get ready for maternity leave, throw Miles a 7th birthday party, and get Miles ready for his first day of 1st grade.  Darrin needs to host a few onsite camps and prepare for preseason.  All these things should make time go by very quickly, which is good, but hopefully not too quickly b/c these things are pretty important.  Hopefully we will be able to accomplish everything before Carson makes an appearance.  If not, I know it will be okay, but until then, we just have to carry on with our plans and adjust if we have to. 

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