Sunday, June 12, 2016

Weekend Wrap Up

Just a few quick sentence highlights from our weekend b/c it's late and I need to wind down from a busy weekend and mourn the thought that it's back to another work week tomorrow.

Friday night, we spent some time with friends celebrating Mitsie's milestone birthday.

This big kid made his oatmeal completely by himself on Saturday morning b/c he was tired of waiting for me to get out of bed.

In preparation for a friend coming over on Saturday, Miles made a list of all the things they were going to do. The last one is color :)

Even though Miles' eyes are closed, such a cute picture with his buddy Nathan. They were on the same baseball team and I'm so glad we got to know his family.

Play dates in our house are going to start beginning around 7am b/c waiting until 10ish is torture for Miles and therefore painful for me.

We had a fun outdoor movie night with our small group.

The kids at church made a surprise appearance to perform one of their VBS songs.

Miles took the moves very seriously.

A good friend from Martin, Laura, and a former volleyball player, Mandy, visited us at church this morning.

Keeping in touch with former players and watching them mature is such a fun part of Darrin's job.  

We also managed some work around the house and a little rest.  Hope everyone has a great week!

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