Thursday, June 2, 2016

His Coaching Debut

Miles' team had their first playoff game tonight so we went to show our support.  The coaches called Miles their assistant coach.

He took his job seriously by helping his teammates in the dug out. I looked in once and he was helping a younger kid put on his hat and helmet.  He said he helped other kids find things and told them when it was their turn to bat.  I was so pleased with how he handled himself tonight.  It's so reassuring to see glimpses of kindness and resolve.

Unfortunately they lost by one run in extra innings.  After the game is was time for the dreaded participation trophies.  I heard collective sighs and groans from several parents.  Can we all just agree to stop this madness???

One last team cheer...

Miles sure did enjoy playing with his best buddy, Tyler.  

Coach Steve did a really good job with the team. They all improved so much.  At the first practice, they didn't even know how to run the bases.  By the end of the season, they were hitting and throwing so well.  There were several assistant coaches that were so helpful too.  It takes an army at this age.

Miles brought a Sharpie to the game for a couple of his friends to sign his cast.  He was much more selective this time.  On the way to the game he commented that Tyler wrote big, but he didn't care :)

He also let his friend, Nathan, sign up.  Miles was quite pleased with both of their autographs.

It's been a fun year of baseball.  I'm sad to see it end, but thankful to have made some new friends.

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