Friday, April 29, 2016

Baseball Fever

We've been living it up at the ball field a couple nights a week.  I think all three of us are enjoying it equally. 

Miles has surprised us with how quickly he has caught on.  When the coach put him at third the very first practice, I really questioned how he would do there.  With some help from Darrin, he has learned how to throw much farther.  He's even thrown 3 batters out at first.  He's also gotten several grounders and tagged third for the out.

He says he likes third, but he'd also like to play pitcher, which at this age just means more action.  He takes the job of communicating how many outs to the outfield very seriously.

This week he got moved up in the batting order from 6th to 2nd.  Not a bad stance...

He consistently gets singles.

Granny & Pa were able to come watch this week. 

He always slides into home even though it's never been necessary :)

He also made his catching debut last week for one inning.  Catching at this age consists of wearing the equipment and squatting behind the plate. Our coach actually throws the balls back.  Nevertheless, he liked it.  Cutest little catcher I've ever seen.

Post game snacks are always a hit.

It's been a lot of fun so far, and we've gotten to know a few more people.  As I've mentioned before, the coach is the father of one of Miles' best friends in his class.  We have really enjoyed getting to know he and his wife.  Darrin & I both hope that he is liking it as much as we are.

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