Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Scoop

More details as promised.  We have tried off and on over the last 4.5 years to have another baby. We would try for a while and then decide that we were content with our family of three and I would get back on the pill.  Then, we would decide that maybe we should give it another try and the cycle would continue. I would say we have probably tried 2.5 out of the last 4.5 years.  It took us a year and a half to get pregnant with Miles, so it was no surprise that this didn't happen easily. 

Thankfully, the second time we were both very content with our family of three, so it never got frustrating for either of us.  Miles, on the other hand, was not okay with his only child status.  Last fall, we decided to give it one last try before calling it quits for good.  I went to the doctor in October to discuss options and feasibility. He ran blood work which determined that it would be very difficult for me to get pregnant without some help. He referred me to a fertility specialist for a second opinion.  We had already decided that we weren't interested in going to any lengths, especially since we have a perfectly healthy little boy. I definitely did not want to risk multiples. I know myself, and I'm not cut out for that, especially with a husband that travels a lot.  My appointment with the fertility specialist was scheduled for Jan. 5 and I found out I was pregnant on Dec. 18. This is EXACTLY what happened with Miles.  Both times I had to call and cancel my appointment with the fertility doctor.

I have taken so many negative pregnancy tests over the years that I never dreamed the test would be positive on Dec. 18.  I bought a test and took it without Darrin knowing. No need to get his hopes up.  I was actually talking on the phone with a friend from work when I went back to check the test. I could not believe my eyes. It caught me so off guard. We were about to walk about the door to go to a birthday party for one of Miles' friends in Martin. I was so shocked that I didn't even tell Darrin.  I hung up with my friend and told Darrin & Miles to go ahead and get in the car and that I would be right there.  I wanted to check my due date because I knew it would be very close to Miles' birthday. When I typed in my info, Miles' birthday popped up as my due date. All I could do was shake my head at the irony.

We went on to the birthday party where I hung out with several of my best friends.  Knowing that I was the only one that knew my secret at that point was such a weird feeling. I bet I even acted weird. We came home, put Miles to bed, I got in bed, and Darrin stayed up to watch TV in the living room.  I decided to send him a text to tell him the news. I just thought that it would be fun to shock him.  My plan failed b/c his phone was on the charger and he didn't see it. Then, he came to bed and left his phone in the kitchen. So, I told him that I sent him something.  So, he went back to get his phone but it turns out that my phone never sent the text b/c we have service issues in our house. I sent it again and he finally got my text while we were both laying in bed in the pitch dark. It was a fun moment despite the interruption issues. 

I have wondered a lot about the reason for the 7 year gap, b/c that is obviously not how we would have planned it. I don't question God's timing b/c I do understand that it's perfect. I know that He knows what is best for our family.  I still wonder why. Sometimes I think it might be my health. I have made so much progress with my Lyme disease over the last 7 years. Maybe my body wasn't ready before now. I can't help but reflect on how settled we feel in our new house, with Darrin's job, and with my new position. We are in such a better place than we were 1-2 years ago. Maybe Miles is at just the right age to understand that his prayers have been answered. He has prayed diligently for this baby over the last year. He would randomly walk out of his room and say, "Just prayed for a baby."  Every time he asked for a baby brother, we would say, "Pray about it" or "Talk to God".  What a spiritual lesson this could be a for a lifetime.  Whatever the reason, I'm fine with it.

We told Miles last Wednesday and broke the news to our family over the weekend. When we told Miles, he jumped up and down for a least five minutes and said that it was "the best day of his life". 

He got to choose where we celebrated and he chose Taco Bell for dinner and Sonic for ice cream. That's how we roll in our house.

I am 12 weeks. At times it was a hard secret to keep, but I'm so glad we waited to tell. We wanted to be sure everything was okay before we told Miles. Also, with Miles, we told really early and I felt like I was pregnant for a year. It feels so good to have the first trimester out of the way already. Time has flown by.  Our friends and family have been shocked, which was SOOOOOOO much fun and well worth the wait.  Most of them had no clue that we were even considering having another baby. 

The best news is that I feel great!  I dreaded pregnancy b/c I remember how terrible I felt with Miles...the heartburn, the nausea, the unbelievable fatigue....  This pregnancy is completely different so far. I can't even tell I'm pregnant. Due to some health concerns, I've already had three ultrasounds. If I hadn't seen for myself three times, I may not believe it. I am so thankful and hopeful it will continue. I've only had few cravings so far, grapes, Chickfila nuggets, and Cran-Apple juice. My one aversion is Mt. Dew. Go figure! The thought of Mt. Dew almost gives me heartburn.  I've been able to give up all caffeine & I'm just hoping I can continue this long after the baby arrives. 

So, that's the very long version of how we got here. I really want to document my pregnancy and the baby's first years the way I did for Miles, so fingers crossed, I'll be back here more often. With Miles getting older it was becoming more difficult to blog without invading his privacy. After all, he will read this one day.  I've read that from other bloggers and never understood it until recently with Miles. If he or she is anything like Miles, little baby McClure will give me lots to write about. 


  1. I am so excited for you ALL! You are so brave to share your beautiful story and I'm sure it will touch many hearts. I can't wait to hear more! (And see more pics of miles' excitement! . Xoxox . - and YAYYYYY Miss Judy! ��

  2. I am so excited for you ALL! You are so brave to share your beautiful story and I'm sure it will touch many hearts. I can't wait to hear more! (And see more pics of miles' excitement! . Xoxox . - and YAYYYYY Miss Judy! ��