Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Inpromptu Going Away Party

Taking a little break from vacation pictures tonight.  I'll pick back up after we move.

When we moved into this house two years ago, I was a little concerned b/c our house faces a busy road with fast cars. I never could have dreamed that this would actually be the ideal setting for Miles to play.  Behind our house is the safest spot for Miles and his neighbor friends to run back and forth between houses.  He has grown so close to his friends, Sammie, Chloe, Cambry, and Savannah.

We close on our new house tomorrow, and even though we don't officially move until Saturday, tonight is the last night that Miles will have to play with his friends. Tomorrow we'll be busy cleaning, packing, moving, painting, etc. at the new house.  I didn't know exactly how to break the news to Miles. I really wanted to just pull away and not mention it, but I knew that wasn't fair to him or his little friends.

I told him yesterday that he only had that night and one more to play. He immediately burst into tears and broke my heart. To help ease the pain, we planned a little pizza & cupcake party.

I'm sure there will be tears when it's time to come inside tonight, but he's happy at the moment and understands that tonight is the last night. We will miss these cute little friends!

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