Friday, April 3, 2015

Free Family Fun Night

Darrin emailed me at work today and asked if I wanted to do something together as a family tonight.  He probably thought we could go out to eat or maybe to a movie. I replied and said that I did but that it probably needed to be at home since we are under a tornado warning.  He agreed and a nerf competition was planned.

Miles was so excited about our game.  I designed the first target set up.

Miles was up first. There were four guns loaded with 11 total "narfs" as Miles calls them. Each person took at turn with one round of all the ammo.  

There were certain points assigned to the big men, Lego men, and the cups.  

As you can see from my form, I shoot a lot of guns.  I have to say, my nails look pretty good though.  #californiaraspberry #priorities

Darrin pretty much schooled us all night. 

Everyone had a chance at setting up the new targets. No one liked this job.

 Miles came in second place.

I think I won the 'Most Improved' award.  I mean, seriously...

It was free. It was fun. And, I'm pretty sure Miles thought it was amazing.

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