Monday, October 13, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

I had off today for Columbus Day, so this is a wrap up for a long weekend.  We had big plans this weekend, but sickness got the best of us. I made plans early last week to spend the weekend at my mom's while Darrin's team was playing out of town.  I also came across some free Titans' tickets, so I made plans for Miles and I to go to the game together before driving home on Sunday.  I had been fighting a cold for several days in the midst of this planning, but I never dreamed it was hang on for so long. 

After feeling completely miserable on Wednesday night, I finally text my mom on Thursday morning to let her know that I had been sick and wasn't sure it was best for me to come. She agreed and we decided to cancel.  It's a good thing, b/c I feel even worse on Thursday night.  Plus, the weather for the weekend kept looking worse and worse, especially for traveling.  I ended up going to the doctor on Friday and got some meds for a sinus infection.  I felt better most of the weekend, but have felt worse again today.  Really hoping this passes soon.  I'm tired of being sick!

Miles woke up on Saturday morning complaining of a sore throat and headache.  Again, I was so thankful we decided against our weekend trip.  He ended up feeling fine all weekend, until last night.  He started running a fever & a few other little symptoms. Usually I try to let him fight it off without running to the doctor, but given how bad I felt, and how much he's been exposed to lately, we went to the doctor today.  It appears to be viral.  He's still running fever now. Hoping to get him back to school on Wednesday.  I leave out of town on a work trip on Thursday, so let's all say a little prayer that we are both back up to speed by then.

Now that we have fully discussed our medical issues, which I'm sure was thrilling, here are a few highlights from our sickly weekend.

Miles left me a few notes on the door in the garage...

Miles was none to excited about our cancelled trip, so I made it up to him by a date to Taco Bell on Friday night. When I told him about not going to Marmee's house or the Titans' game, we were actually on the way home from daycare on Thursday.  He's such a homebody that I underestimated how upset he would be.  He cried so hard and screamed so loudly that I finally started crying b/c my head was hurting so badly. As soon as he saw me crying, he stopped and started saying, "it's ok, it's ok momma". When we got home I laid on the couch immediately.  He rubbed my back and asked me what I needed.  It was good to see a compassionate side of him. It was also good to show him that other people matter and that sadly, the world doesn't revolved around him. 

Saturday, we stayed home all day long. We played Chutes & Ladders.  Side note...I will never understand how Miles can put together Legos, operate our DVR & DVD player, play all kinds of games, but Chutes & Ladders is COMPLETELY lost on him. He doesn't understand anything about it. That game will be in the next yard sale.  I've attempted it for the last time.

I watched Darrin's game online. This really is the my living room, in my sweats. A friend was telling me that Gene Chizik's wife watched all of Auburn's games in a room by herself with a security guard.  I like her style. I'm thinking if I could swap the security guard for a babysitter, we'd be in business. 

Miles was a big boy at the doctor today. He was terrified that he was going to get a shot even though I promised he wouldn't. He had to have a strep test and he handled it like a champ.  

We all went to church yesterday and then watched a lot of football and everyone napped.  The return of lazy football Sundays are back!  Well...back until it's time for Sunday afternoon left raking.  I think we might have two more weeks before it's time to start that again. Since we've been cooped up all weekend, I swapped my summer & winter clothes, which included bagging up clothes for donation & consignment, and washing about 10 loads of laundry.  It was a huge project that I'm very glad is finished.  Not a whole lot going on around here, but it was surprisingly productive.  Miles can't go back to daycare tomorrow b/c he's still running a fever.  So, I'm working until noon and then Darrin will work the rest of the day. 

That's all I've got folks. Looking forward to feeling better, checking a work trip off the list, and watching two home volleyball games this weekend. Hope everyone has a great week!

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